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Winter Escape to Red Rock Canyon

Since New England has been hammered lately with cold weather and snow, I decided to take a trip out west to some warmer weather conditions out at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.  Such a beautiful place with abundant sun shine and rocks to climb on.  If any rock climber wants a getaway this place has it all and great temps this time of year! Here is a short video from my trip:

Remember that the annual Red Rocks Rendezvous is coming up in just over a month (March 27-29). Great climbing with many famous climbers. Clinics if you are a beginner, slightly experienced, or even very experienced. Lots more climbing than just bouldering.

And there is yet more rock beckoning throughout S. California and S. Arizona.  Ever hear of Joshua Tree?

Pinnacles is closer to where I live these days than JTree. When I live in SoCal, it was Tahquitz in the warm half of the year and JTree the cold half. NorCal it is Pinn and Castle Rock plus large stretches of the Sierra that are within 3-4 hours (the Valley is a bit overcrowded year around these days)

Good idea. I used to have a regional office in LV.  On business trips, or trips to see relatives especially in the colder part of the year I would skip town and head for Red Rocks. There are some dandy trails for a quick 2 or 3 day backpacking trip. It is easy to get away from people in about an hour from the parking lots.

Joshua Tree is on my bucket list for places to climb!  Someday I'll get down there!

I wanted to get out there this year but was unable to manage the time frame, maybe next year.  I would love to get on some routes there also.

August 14, 2020
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