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Looking for Feedback on our New Design - Portable Climbing Structure

Hi everyone,

My friend and I have designed a portable workout structure, for calisthenics, climbing and bouldering training. Inspired by the lockdown and having to train from home, we came up with a tripod with a modular system for mounting pull-up bars and wooden climbing grips. We're looking for feedback, input and ideas from climbers about new features, preferences and wotnot.

Here's some images, that should help explain the concept. 








We're launching on Indiegogo on Monday 1st,  but we'd love to hear your thoughts on new features, add-on products, new routes/techniques, feedback.



Never was a gym rat, nor climbing gym jock.  I prefer real rocks.


Another vote for real rocks and fresh air

Real rock is the best option,

but I might be more helpful for those who starting to learn and time-saving if in the nearest area.

Alex, let me begin with saying that this isn't the site to use for posting for advice on your invention.

With that said  I am going to give my personal opinion and not that of reviewer.

My personal background is in Physics, Advanced Mathematics  and Engineering. I have also built extensions to a house and have trained in metal shop, welding  and worked for a hardware store during college.

For starters  your design is flawed at get go.   I do not suggest using wood for the cross beams and  the supporting beams  are too far up and not properly placed for supporting the structure. Look at the location of a video camera tripod supporting beams as an example

I cannot tell if those Aluminum 6061 poles are one piece or if there are multiple poles connected together. If connected together  how do they connect and how many different individual poles . (Also how thick is the metal in the poles)

  Also if the poles are not one long piece then do the poles fit inside one another and if so how deep does one pole fit into another  and how long and thick are the stainless steel bolts.

If the poles are using some form of joint connector what material is it and what is the fatigue rating of the connectors. (Fatigue rating is similar to tensile strength of climbing rope regarding breaking point) 

I am also curious how you come up with this contraption being able to hold 2 people.  When one buys  a kayak for example it mentions the max weight capacity vs how many people can be in it.  The average male weight from Asia is 127 lbs.  and the average male weight in North America is closer to 178 lbs. but approximately ~74 % of American males are  overweight so the majority of American males  weigh more then 178 lbs.  

Another important issue is that these are not being used like a ladder.  The physics is different.  Swinging or jumping from one hand grip to another adds Torque, Velocity and increased Force into the computations.

I think this contraption is an accident waiting to happen.  If placed on concrete and someone falls or a supporting node breaks  someone could end up being seriously hurt if not dead.  Even rock climbing walls have people in harnesses and a person holding the climbing  rope connected to the climber.

Making a structure is a science. Look at an egg for example. An egg can withstand up to 100 lbs. of force when placed upright and an egg carton can even hold a persons total weight when standing on it.  It is nearly impossible to break an egg with your bare hands  from tip to tip  and those that said that they have broken an egg that way  actually had  been holding and squeezing the egg incorrectly causing a portion of the pressure to be at an angle.    

Throwing out the physics completely,  I find this to be something I wouldn't even be interested in trying out and fact I would probably try out a children's  jungle gym  or go to the local park and use their rock climbing structures vs  trying this contraption.  It just doesn't seem to scream "Try me out"  

I suggest going back to the drawing board.  Maybe try constructing  a portable wall to climb like those  at Dicks Sporting Goods   stores.

In the end  I think someone is going to get hurt on this due to its' design flaws, and that you are going to get sued out of house and home.

November 28, 2021
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