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1:45 a.m. on January 26, 2003 (EST)

The Laser is an Alpine touring boot and a great as well but i am concerned with the idea of using it for mountaineering purposes such as Mixed Ice and rock routes. i know that it is not as agile and light as the "scarpa vega" or "alpha ice", but i like the idea of using the boots inwhich i ski in to perform a second fuction on a trip and to save on cost as well. It wouldnt be a great boot to do some over hanger ice routes but i think it would work well to bag a moderatly techniqual peak. the best crampon that fits the laser is the "Charlet moser M-10". The Scapra Reps that i have talked to do not give me any usable instights probly because they have done little climbing. Let me know what you think or about your climbing experiences of mountaineering in a ski boot

5:39 p.m. on January 26, 2003 (EST)
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Probably the reason they didn't give you much feedback is you wanted to use a Charlet crampon on a Black Diamond boot (BD imports Scarpa). Now if you had asked about using a Sabertooth, they probably would have said "works great."

Anyway, AT boots, tele boots, plastics and leathers can be used for some pretty challenging ice and mixed stuff and have been for years. A few weeks ago, I went skiing in the Cascades with some friends on my teles (T2s), which culminated with an M14 (well, ok, it was a snow covered Beckey "scramble") by putting my Sabertooths on and clawing my way up drytooling with my BD ice ax. The Sabertooth's front bail fits over the duckbill of the tele boots very well. To be semi-serious, people have climbed some fairly challenging ice in Denalis and Lasers. Most AT boots take most current crampons reasonably well (you may have to do a little creative re-engineering of the bails to get a tight fit). The only problem is that the top of the boots is a bit high and rigid. But you can partially compensate by loosening the power strap and maybe the top buckle. If you are just going to do a 45-60 deg couloir (skiing down?) with a little rock scrambling, it should be no problem, depending on your skill level.

I'm sure Brian in SLC will weigh in on this one. He does things like that all the time (not in Lasers, though, at least not last year when we did Scruffy).

12:57 p.m. on February 7, 2003 (EST)
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I own a pair of Lasers. They are great A/T ski boots, but are a bit heavy and clunky for climbing. That said, I've seen plenty of people in Europe climbing in Lasers (and even Denalis) Depends on what you are climbing. For straight-forward front pointing, they would no doubt work fine.
I use a pair of Garmont GSM-SL alpine touring boots with Intuition liners for combination climbing/skiing trips. The Garmonts have a bit more flexibility than Lasers in walk mode, and are significantly lighter too (particularly with an Intuition liner.) The Garmonts climb more like a stiff plastic climbing boot and less like a ski boot. (The Scarpas ski better and work with Dynafit bindings.) Lateral ankle flex is pretty much non-existent with either, however, so don't plan on French technique with Scarpas or Garmonts (or any A/T boot, for that matter.)
I've used my Garmonts with Black Diamond Sabretooths and Grivel Rambo Crampons. Both work well. My guess is that most step in crampons would work with most A/T boots.

Hope this is useful

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