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3:06 p.m. on November 21, 2001 (EST)

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What course(s) would you recommend for glacier travel and crevasse rescue?

I live in Iowa and I'd like to find a course that is within driving distance (e.g. Colorado).


10:23 p.m. on November 21, 2001 (EST)
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If you want a course in glacier travel, you will have to go where there are glaciers. That means the Cascades, for the closest glaciers to Iowa. Sorry, but the glaciers in Colorado really won't give you the real feel for glacier travel. There are excellent courses offered in California (Mt Shasta, since other California glaciers are too small, 3 guide services give courses there), Oregon (Mt. Hood' Timberline Guides get good recommendations from people taking their courses), and Washington (several highly recommended guide groups - American Alpine Institute and Alpine Ascents International offer 6-day intros, 12 day more complete courses, and up to a month-long, Rainier Mountaineering on Mt Rainier has been bad-mouthed for their mob-scene 2-day ascents, but is generally praised for their 6-day and longer glacier courses, plus several other services). Also, REI and the Seattle Mountaineers and Mazamas climbing clubs offer courses.

As long as I am mentioning clubs, the Iowa Mountaineers is a club of long standing and high reputation. They offer courses (the glacier courses being given in the Cascades). Contact them, since they are in your own back yard. At the least, they can give you lots of advice and feedback.

By the way, there are excellent guide services in Colorado. It's just that there aren't big enough glaciers there for real glacier travel instruction. Now if you want rock, or waterfall ice, that's a different story. Colorado is excellent for those.

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