right jumar or left jumar ?

6:02 p.m. on July 11, 2005 (EDT)

if i were to have only one jumar/mechanical ascender, which side should i get, left or right? i'm right-handed. while training in india, i was given a left-sided jumar for practising on ascending a rope-up slope. i find it quite comfortable to use this device with my weaker left hand. does it really matter which side you use?


7:15 p.m. on July 11, 2005 (EDT)
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If you are comfortable with a left only for what you are doing, then go with that. The thing about getting one for your strong hand is that this is usually your most dextrous hand, so it is usually easier to operate it (getting it on and off the rope) with your strong hand.

I would suggest a Petzl over a Jumar. There are a couple other brands similar to the Petzl that are also quite good. I have found the Jumar to sometimes slip on icey ropes. The Petzl also seems to cover a wider range in rope diameters. But the best bet is to actually try out different ones in the kind of conditions you expect to use the ascender the most.

(standard disclaimer) - Also, keep in mind that climbing is inherently dangerous, and that use of ascenders is fraught with potential traps that can seriously injure or kill you. Be sure you get thorough and competent instruction from an experienced and knowledgable climber, preferably a professional, who is familiar with your intended use. This means, the ascenders are intended for rock and ice climbing by people who are thoroughly familiar with their usage and limitations. Using them for other activities for which they are not intended can lead to failure of the ascender or other parts of the system.

10:38 a.m. on July 12, 2005 (EDT)
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thanks for your suggestion, Bill. i was wrong to think that "jumar" is a generic term for rope clamp/ascender. the one i used during my mountaineering course was actually made by Camp (don't know what they call it).

the right/left issue didn't really come to mind until i saw both at the Petzl store. BTW, Petzl called them "ascension". now, i think i'll go get one for my strong hand. thanks again.

11:33 a.m. on July 12, 2005 (EDT)
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jumar vs Jumar

Well, like coke vs Coke, kleenex vs Kleenex, xerox vs Xerox, jumar has indeed become a generic term, because Jumar was the first widely used ascender of the "handle" type. I guess I could have clarified that I was suggesting the Petzl handle-type ascender over the brand-name Jumar ascender. The Camp is excellent as well, and is very much like the Petzl. Petzl actually makes several types of ascenders, but I was suggesting the handle-type, the Ascension. The Croll, Basic, Microcender, and TiBloc, for example, are probably not suitable for what you want to do, although the TiBloc is an extremely handy item to have along as an accessory device.

9:49 p.m. on July 15, 2005 (EDT)

Petzl ascension, oppsite hand, 2 fingers

I now have both the left-handed (gold color) and right-handed (blue) ascensions. But when I used to own only one ascension, I trained myself to open it using the opposite hand... use your second finger to pull on the plastic trigger, then put your middle finger on the metal hinge (right on teardrop hole next to the teeth). Use the index finger to complete the opening of the hinge. Climb safely :-))

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