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Choosing my first set of quickdraws

Hey there,

So I'm about to get my first set of quickdraws and I'm mainly deciding between the Black Diamond Quicksilvers, BD Quickwires and/or the BD Freewires (I'm not a Black Diamond fiend, but they're just the cheapest at the local store). I've heard of gate flutter and that whole debate, but since solid gates still exist, I guess that debate is still up in the air. Is it a matter of personal preference and comfortability(?)? Or is variety the way to go? I'm just not sure what I should be taking into account.

Also, there are some longer draws (18cm instead of 12cm) for the same prices, should I consider getting a few of those instead of all 12cms?

If anyone has any answers/advice and/or personal experience I would love you dearly. Thanks, take care.



What kind of climbing are you planning to do? Are you a sports climber? A trad climber? An alpine climber? Personally I climb ice in the winter and trad in the summer. I generally have between 8 and 12 draws with me. I prefer wire gates to solid gates because there lighter and the doors dont freeze open. (Rare, it's hapened to me twice in 10+ years of climbing). Another factor that you might want to consider is Dyneema vs nylon vs spectra. Nylon last longer but soaks up water, and that's only a few of the factors that diferentiate them appart. So for myself I go with Dyneema and a regular check for flaws ans defects and wire gates. I actually use the Oz quickdraw from BD. All that considered good luck with your decisions.

Remember to check the feel and good looks!! ;-)

Nah, just kidding.

Climb more, your qcquired experience will guide you as to what shapes and sizes are best suited for your applications.


like Louise said. what type of climbing are you going to be doing? Are you just going to do small walls sport style or Alpine. I have a mix of sizes for draws on my rack. it depends on what type of protection i see that i need and my friends on a route or roots. We all have a mix. I personally have no proference for gates. I buy what I need  do to cost. If its something I am going to use and its at a good price i grab it. If you get a chance I dont know where your at. Get Down to Austin TEXAs they have some great 5.13 and higher climbing and check out Reimers Ranch as well. hope you helps you.

I want to do Trad. I live in NC and most climbing is trad anyway. If I found myself at the foot of a sport route, I wouldn't be too upset, but to quote a bumper sticker on a car I see at the gym, "Trad is rad." Alpine climbing is something I wouldn't mind getting into, but probably not in the nearest of futures. Thanks for the help guys.

Vcadilla-  I forgot to tel ya look on it sounds funny but look on ebay. Alot of guys are selling their gear because they want new gear or are progressing to longer climbs. I saw a listing for a Cam set that I wish i had the spair change. You just need to talk to the seller and ask lots of questions. most of the gear isn't trashed. It could save you some cash. Some list it parts only as well. It's a thought.

Vcadilla-  I forgot to tel ya look on it sounds funny but look on ebay. Alot of guys are selling their gear because they want new gear or are progressing to longer climbs...

I’d never buy used equipment unless from a personal trusted acquaintance – you never know how many falls or stresses the gear was subjected to.  The money saved is not worth this gamble IMO.


My name aint "Louise", it's Louis, ;-)

Trad is awesome have fun! Dont forget to get a few expendable draws and maybe some screamers. Winter is here we just got 2 feet in Montreal last night. The ice is fatting up everywhere, I,m taking a sick day and goin climbing!!

Sorry for the miss spelling louis!!!!:) My appology.


No worry's, it happens a lot. :-)

I've gotten used to it.

November 28, 2020
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