Sad News: Chloe Graftiaux Dies on Mont Blanc

2:05 p.m. on December 21, 2010 (EST)
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She was an inspiring young climber. She tragically took 600 meters when a section of face came off.

5:31 p.m. on December 21, 2010 (EST)
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truly a remarkable climber who had a great career ahead of her she will be missed. 

12:11 p.m. on December 23, 2010 (EST)
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A 600 meter fall.  Wow!

Thanks Gonzan for posting those articles. 

It said she was "born to climb."

I can only suppose that someone so ready to take large risks to pursue a passion was ready and willing to embrace the consequences of failure. 

Its a good reminder to us all that, no matter how good you are, bad things can and will happen.  If Murphy can get Chloe he can get us all. 


4:23 p.m. on December 23, 2010 (EST)
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Didn't this happen quite some time ago? Just not sure if I was mistaken, but I thought she fell in August some time.


That video of her you posted is simply incredible.

6:04 p.m. on December 23, 2010 (EST)
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iClimb, yeah, I guess so. I must have missed in back in August, and just happened upon it now, not realizing it was from earlier in the year.

11:29 p.m. on December 23, 2010 (EST)
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no worries, just making sure I wasn't confused. She was a ridiculously good climber...sad that such a random accident claimed her life. I wonder if people think that taking precautions even on non-technical parts of routes are important after seeing these sorts of stories...


I always say better safe then sorry.

11:54 p.m. on December 23, 2010 (EST)
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I think it  justifies that it's better to be safe than sorry... it may have happened months ago. But watching her in the video she was excellent and reminds us take percaution and slow down. Sometimes slow is fast. Check your self and your holds. Gonzan I am glad you did post this....

3:35 p.m. on December 28, 2010 (EST)
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Thanks, Denis- I just get a little moved when I see something tragic take such talent and vitality form the world.

iClimb, Yeah, these type of incidents really make you serious about not getting lax through the "easy" spots.

10:23 p.m. on December 30, 2010 (EST)
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She was climbing down the mont blanc unroped - in a place that was probably very easy for a skilled climber, but a long way down.  hard to plan for a boulder peeling off.

Todd Skinner fell to his death a few years ago when the belay loop on his harness failed.  you can't be too careful, and it can happen to the best climbers in the world.  

July 16, 2018
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