It's Go Time! Meet Cliff Jumping, Hiking, Foraging Jesse

12:59 p.m. on May 12, 2015 (EDT)
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This thread is for comments on the article "It's Go Time! Meet Cliff Jumping, Hiking, Foraging Jesse"

Congratulations to Jesse, a cliff-jumping, climbing, backpacking Minnesota father, teacher, and artist. As Reviewer of the Month, Jesse wins an Air Chair Compact from Crazy Creek.

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6:51 a.m. on May 13, 2015 (EDT)
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Enjoyed the read, thanks Alicia and Jesse

9:33 a.m. on May 13, 2015 (EDT)
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Very interesting. I would caution anyone about cliff diving though. Jumping is fine. We used to do it a lot. My brother made a dive from about 40 feet and broke his shoulder and dislocated it. After a year it was not even close to being right. It took him three years to recover and a couple of steel plates.

At 65, I can feel a lot of horse wrecks, skiing injuries, basketball injuries, and motorcycle wrecks every morning when I get out of bed.


12:52 p.m. on May 13, 2015 (EDT)
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Congrats, Jesse!

3:13 p.m. on May 13, 2015 (EDT)
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Congrats, Jesse! With 25+ reviews in your first month, I can only imagine what comes next. Looking forward to reading more. 

10:49 p.m. on May 13, 2015 (EDT)
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Nice to meet you Jesse.

7:49 a.m. on May 14, 2015 (EDT)
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Congrats, Jesse. Welcome to Trailspace.

8:46 p.m. on May 15, 2015 (EDT)
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Way to go brother!

I don't ski or jump off cliffs, I do some other things...but I understand perfectly.


1:27 a.m. on May 16, 2015 (EDT)
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Thanks all. I have a bunch more gear to review but I need to find the time to get out and test it thoroughly. Can't wait for memorial weekend and summer break.

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