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Skurka tour

Well, this is late so probably shouldn’t be posted here but I just got back from River Sports in Knoxville TN for the Skurka gear clinic. The Skurka tour is well worth checking out if you can.




Man, I’m rubbing elbows with the elite now. Started backpacking with Tipi Walter last year (The Most Interesting Backpacker in the World, you know), was in a video with inestimable Gonzan and now chillin with Andrew Skurka.

I’m not worthy….

Very cool!

FYI, we're giving away three copies of his book, for those who didn't know:

Cool Patman.  He really is easy to talk to.  I know you enjoyed your time with him.  However, how could that compare to packing with Tipi Walter?  I mean... you got to pack with Tipi!  That guy can pack a house.

September 19, 2020
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