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Would You Like Free Gear?

If you are a devout tenter and highly skeptical of those squirrelly hammocks you may find the AMOK Draumr 3.0 worth consideration, and who really wouldn't consider free gear. I have no tie or interest in the company. I do however have a 3.0 and am currently testing one in the hammock proving grounds outback. It's a hammock, with a tarp, and it's a chair, and you can sleep on your side and stomach. Yes your stomach, I've been told and tried it once and it seems possible.

Visit this youtube for details if you're interested.

Company website.



It looks good, I would like you to give feed back later on testing.  I would like to know if bug bites happen from the bottom of the hammock, or is the material thick enough?  Also how does it do in the rain and wind.  The weight seems to OK.  



Bug bites from the bottom of this hammock would be IMPOSSIBLE! You're sleeping on a pad, a minimum of a 2" thick pad, preferably a 4" thick pad. Just stay on the pad and you're golden.  That weight is much more than all of my other hammock rigs.

I have used an REI Stratus pad and found it to not be near as comfortable as Big Agnes Q Core & my preference is the Q Core SL. Which is not $165 at REI. I'm 5'11", I don't think this version is going to work for anyone over 6'2".  I was very comfortable with a regular Q Core but prefer the LW Q Core SL even though it's 1/2" thinner.

This rig is much less "hammocky" than any hammock including bridge hammocks I've tried. I have yet to try the Hammock Bliss Skybed, and believe that is cannot equal the bed like quality of the AMOK. It is truly a bed like experience. I am completely comfortable on my side or back, and believe you could sleep on your stomach in this.

The rain fly and everything else in this kit well engineered and well made. There is a means to secure every guy line and tie out. The tarp guy lines are reflective and have velcro strips to secure them out of the way and for transport. The stakes are great V aluminum stakes, just like my favorites. The stuff sacks are securely attached at the end of the hammock and tarp.

Everything about this product screams bombproof. The hammock body, the part that bears weight runs beneath the pad. The pad sleeve is sewn to the hammock body and lies on top of the hammock body so there is no stress on the sleeve. The pad zips in and there are 2 separate means to secure 72" or 78" pads, sort of a end pocket.

Long wide pads are recommended as vertical chambers, the Q Core is also recommended and I find they work great.

There is ZERO shoulder squeeze or calf ridge and the foot end can be adjusted so that there is zero hyper-extension of the knees. The adjustment straps for the head end and foot end are unique and an awesome feature which permits you to adjust the hammock to a recliner like sitting position. There is nothing like this on the market. The EXPED Ergo Combi was close but the sleeve was opposite of the AMOK.

I haven't had the opportunity to test it in the rain yet, but should this weekend or early next week when the hurricane hits the east coast we will get some rain from it. I can update then. For windy rains I always hang the tarp low and close as possible to the hammock. Will update that later.

You will NOT want to use this product without a pad, so you will have no issues from the bottom & bugs.

I have 4 nights in this and am a little reluctant to call it a hammock, it's really a floating or suspended bed.

I'm confused at two things......

Why is this titled as "free gear" (especially considering the basic hammock is expensive at $299) and why is this listed under events?

If, you follow the link you would see the manufacturer is conducting a give away. I did not see a specific spot to post this information. Since is seemed that the manufacturer was conducting a give away, it seemed close enough to an event to me.

Jake W said:

I'm confused at two things......

Why is this titled as "free gear" (especially considering the basic hammock is expensive at $299) and why is this listed under events?


Cool, I like these sorts of give aways :)

October 1, 2020
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