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Whenever I try to copy and paste someones post in my reply, I cannot get my post cursur to let me post my reply beneath and out of the quotations box. I usually end up just having to quote the members word in normal text then go on in another sentaence and make my reply.


Try this.

If your cursor is stuck in the highlighted quote box: Hit enter on your keyboard, that should move your text cursor & quotation box one line down. Now use the mouse cursor (mine is an arrow) to click the blue quotation mark button (") in the tool bar at the top of your post window.

That should reduce the quotation window up one line and free your text cursor.

Type Enter / left click quotation button

I hope that helps

Mike G.

You can also accomplish this using the "visual" and "text" tabs to the upper right of the comment box. To do this, click on the "text" tab. This will display your post with all the web codes that make web browsers display things the way we want them to. Once it is showing the "text" view, move your cursor to the very end and hit enter twice, then type any letter or word.. This will add two more lines outside of and below the quite box, and the letter holds the formatting. Now click on the "visual" tab, and you should see the word or letter at the bottom and outside the quote field. Resume typing at that point and you are good to go. 

Thanks for helping Gary out with this, guys.

No problem :)

November 25, 2020
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