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Wont let me upload images to a post....

Are you getting an error message? If so, what does it say?

No error message Dave..It loaded to my photos then I download it under my post..In another post..

I'm not sure I follow. Could you walk me step-by-step through what you're doing and what the result is?

Hi Dave,

When I try to upload photos to my review from my pictures folder on my (select upload and then browse computer selection, then select file) computer, I get this error in the popup photo upload window after I select "insert":

Internet Explorer Cannot Display the webpage

If I close out of TS and come back later, it will allow me sometimes to upload one more picture, but then the error messages come back again and again. Please advise.



Hmm. That could be a lot of different things.

To narrow it down, could you try uploading a few via your profile? That is, go to and click "upload photo" and us that form.

If you get the error message there, make note of how long it takes between pushing the "Add Photo" button and seeing the error message. Right away? One minute later? Five minutes?


August 13, 2020
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