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Photo editor problem

I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be a way to rotate images after you upload them.  Is that function not available or am I just not seeing how to do it?  Thanks

I don't think they have a way to do it here on the TS picture loader. I usually do it first in my photo editor app.  

I use this one: 

Thanks Gary.  I have a photo editor on my PC and rotated a recently uploaded image to TS.  However, after it was uploaded I noticed it was rotated back and could not be corrected.  Actually, what reminded me was your recent classified ad for the Bear Vault BV500.  You mentioned you were also having trouble with a rotated image.   

Yes, I noted that yesterday as well when I was going to post a picture I took on a bike/hike in Trip Reports. I had corrected the image but when I went to post it it was rotated back on its side. I tried going back and re-rotating it but when I tried to post it again it would not load properly on the TS screen. Must be a glitch in TS photo loading. Have to ask one of the Moderators.

Gary is correct. You need to upload the saved version in the orientation you want. 

Actually Alicia I have tried lately as well to upload saved images from my PC and they seem to go in sideways. When I first had the problem I tried going back to my photos opened in my photo editor where they appeared correct, re-rotating them and then reloading to TS but they come up wrong again.

Yep.  I saw the same problem as Gary. 

Thanks for the explanation. I'm passing this on to our higher programming powers to look into.

It depends on what app you use on your PC to rotate the image.  I had this problem, and solved it using a different editor to rotate the image.


I have used the same one Picmonkey since last summer, but the rotation problem has only happened recently.

I'm not familiar with Picmonkey, but as Ed alludes too, the editor is probably the source of the problem. Some photo software will remember which way you prefer to view an image, but won't actually update the underlying file. So when you upload the file, you end up uploading the original orientation. That's probably what's happening here.

There are a couple things you can do:

1) After you've rotated the image in your editor, use the "save as" or "save a copy" function to save the rotated image to a new location on your computer. (In most cases, you'll also want to make sure you're saving the image as a JPEG.)

2) Open the newly-saved file in your web browser. Whatever orientation you see when you open it in the browser is the orientation you will see when you upload that file to Trailspace.

3) If you're still having problems, please send me an email with the problem file as an attachment.

Thanks Dave.  I'll try out your suggestions.

August 9, 2020
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