Lowe Backpack padding repair

12:43 p.m. on October 3, 2011 (EDT)
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I have an "old" (20+) pack that has a lower back padding that is coming apart. I is "leaking" small black particles about the size of ground pepper. This padding is velcroed to the pack so it is removable for repair. My hope here is to find out where I can send it or how I can get it repaired otherwise. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

3:04 p.m. on October 3, 2011 (EDT)
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It is the small black foam wedge in the shape of a small shovel?  If so, let me know. 

4:43 p.m. on October 3, 2011 (EDT)
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You might try contacting Lowe, they may well replace it.  Otherwise look for the same model pack (or another model Lowe with the same suspension system) on ebay.

6:38 p.m. on October 3, 2011 (EDT)
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If you cannot find a factory made replacement, try querying your local camping stores for an equipment seamstress who can make one for you.  Another potential is companies that make custom vehicle and boat covers.  You can surf the net for these services too.


7:07 a.m. on October 4, 2011 (EDT)
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will get busy.

5:46 p.m. on October 4, 2011 (EDT)
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Hi pdigel and welcome to Trailspace.  It's nice to see that you are trying to Recyle, Fix and Reuse gear of yesateryear.  I appalude you.  Do you know the model of the Lowa apck and can you provide a picture of the pack and the piece of padding that is comming unfrom together.  I run across a lot of stuff and having such information may enable one of the members to help further.  All the suggestions abouve are good ones.  First like whomeworry I would contact Lowe directly and see if they will fix or repalce it.  It seems to me, and I have a 25 year old Lowa pack,  that they had a Lifetime warrenty back in the good old days.  Then like alan mentioned I would keep an eye on ebay and or  Craigslist for the pack.  I'm currently finding packs that cost cost $400-$500 appeice at REI on Craigs list for  $75.  It may be that it is time to get a newer used pack rather than pay the cost that  a seamstress would charge you.  At the top of the this Fourm is a list that members have put together to recomend seamstress's and other fix it joints that do just what you need.  Though here's the deal though.  I'm currently finding packs that cost cost 400-$500 appeice at REI on Craigs list for  $75.  As I'm starting to plan a joruney,  I decided to buy a Arcteryx bora 80 for this trip.  This bag retailed at REI for $400-$450.  I found no less than 6 Bora 80's around the country for $75-$100 and I believe the price will continue to fall as we near the winter months.  Even by buying this bag as cheap as possible on line the lowest I could find was the $330 + shipping.  I opted for a 2004 Bora made in Canada form 2004 for $100 in mint condition.  I'm normally for recyling and reusing gear but not only an I finding Bora 80's for silly cheap, ther is a whole slew of other packs and gear that is silly, silly cheap right now as we are in the off season and almost no one buy's backpacking gear in the off season, cept me and a very few others.  Good luck and let use know what you decide.

6:27 p.m. on October 15, 2011 (EDT)
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What was your chosen repair source and how did it work out ?

8:55 a.m. on October 18, 2011 (EDT)
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Photo 1: photo of entire pack

Photo 2: Close up of padding

Photo 3: Mesh padding pocket w/ envelope for scale

Photo 4: Disintigrating padding from inside mesh padding pocket.


My goal is to find the padding material to go inside the mesh pocket or a mesh pocket with the padding already inside it. Thanks all for trying to follow my descriptions. All posts are appreciated.

6:08 p.m. on December 30, 2011 (EST)
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I think that is called reticulated foam - a very very open cell foam. Maybe it will help knowing what it is.

6:30 p.m. on December 30, 2011 (EST)
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Hey pdigel, I know I am kinda late on this subject but maybe you could contact someone that specializes in repair and shoot this apast them?

Here is a link for Rainy Pass Repair.


They may be able to provide you with your best viable option to get your pack up to snuff.

Happy hiking and welcome to Trailspace. 

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