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Shoe Goo for rope tow gloves

So my rope tow gloves are about 1/1000th of an inch from destroyed. 

Yes, the local hill here has a rope tow.  So what? 

Being cheap and having a half tube of shoe goo handy I thought I'd give it a try and rebuild the glove palms with this stuff. 

I must say that the finished product isn't the lighest or most flexible on Earth but it stuck like shoe goo should and I bet it gives me another season of use.  Of course an exrta large pair of gloves sans-fingers over the top of my gloves works too. 

Another use for Shoe goo.  Could probably even fix a marriage if properly applied and allowed to dry. 

If interested I could post a couple pics.



Of a patched up marriage, or of the gloves?


well, you know...

pics would be good

will do!

I used Mcnutt's Seam Sealer on two things.

My favourite old pair of winter gloves finally wore right through the leather on the thumb, so I dabbed some on and let it dry. Soft and flexible, and I have really good grip on that part of the glove.

Broke one loop of my Kahtoola Microspikes. Not fatal, but the break left a pair of rubber end hanging off. I sewed them up (yup, thread and needle!) then dabbed some seam sealer on the thread. Seems to be holding, so far!


Rope tow in for skiing slopes?

Forgive my ignorance I am not well versed in such things.


How long has the Mcnett's seam sealer held up on the leather glove so far? Mcnett's seems to be very much like the welt stitch sealer I got for my leather boots.

Mike G.

Yes, the local ski hill we take the kids to has a small rope tow. 

Hi, Mike. Still going strong. In fact it's holding up better than the aging raw buckskin of the gloves.

5.10 Stealth Paint is awesome for this type of application. You can also do make shift boot rands, etc with it.

Great stuff.

Ya want thicker just apply more layers.

I know all about tow ropes eating gloves. The local resort has them for their park and halfpipe area. Tore my Dakines apart.

No more snow boarding for me. Not taking the chance of tearing the ol' knee apart again.

Here are the promised pictures.  The palms are not pretty but it was my first attempt at this and it actually was effective. 

The animal in the background is "The Weasel," my oldest daughter's



To give the gloves credit, they took a lot of abuse and were still pretty waterproof.  One more lap on the rope tow would have finished them though.

MH Epics?

Why yes they are.

My initial review, along with a recent update:

Now they are 2x heavier but also 2x tougher in the palms

Well when the world as we know it comes to an end you might be able to rake in the dough (or chickens, seed corn, fuel) fixing gloves for folks if you have the supplies. haha

Good job getting some more life outta those gloves.

Mike G.

LOL.  Shh.  Dont tell anyone.  I don't want a line at my bunker.

The glove of choice at our local rope tow is Kinco insulated leather glove. It takes a LOT of runs to wear them out and at $15 a pair, so what. Just rub a little bees wax on them on rainy days. I've used mine for 2 full seasons so far. It's not like the rope is going up 10000 ft and you'll be stranded miles from civilization if they get wet.

After this repair fails I would buy new


Ya, once these are done I am just going to use work gloves and wool liners.  No use prolonging the inevitable.

August 4, 2020
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