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Looking for campinggaz canisters in MI US

Anyone know if campinggaz canisters are available in the US anywhere?


Most outdoor shops have them, but due to 911 they are not shippable unless sent via ground. Look at 

In my experience, these little blue gems are very difficult to find. It's possible that mom and pop outfitters have older stocks of them still around. I've heard that adapters are available to "convert" other cylinder types into the nipple valve that campinggaz appliances use, but can't comment on the reliability.

Here is the Camping Gaz website-

It even shows the old pierceable cartridges which I thought were obsolete years ago, so try asking on the site who carries what you need. I haven't seen them in years. I used to have a stove that used the canister with the big ring on it, but got rid of it. Most modern canister stoves have a Lindal screw valve, which I think is much safer. 

It looks like Coleman owns the company now. They quit making cartridges for one of my stoves a couple of years ago, which is really annoying. It was a gas stove that would work in winter.


Thank you all for the replies!


Gary..... most outdoor shops in the US do not have them. I've checked my small local, REI and dice. Most folks don't even know what they are, and the old-timers go "oh wow! I haven't seen one of those in......."


Seth....any idea where one of those adapters might be found?


Tom D.....if you look at retailer locators on that site, it's all in Europe...where they are dime a dozen(well, not really, but). I think Coleman bought out their US division years ago then discontinued it.


It's a drag, it's a great little stove, but that's life sometimes.

Hi Ant Ani!

I don't know about your area, but my local outfitter carried them last time I was in the store.

The Backpacker

Mt. Pleasant, SC

That may not be any help, but maybe it offers some hope you can find them.

You did not specify which model of Camping Gaz stove this is for. The old 200 and 100 "puncture" canisters have long been discontinued, though they are still made by other companies in the Far East and in the Balkans. Many countries ban them. You will be lucky if you find an existing supply, but probably be unable to get them shipped to you.

The 270 and 470 series are still made and imported to many countries from France (the home of Camping Gaz, which as noted above is owned by Coleman). The valve is similar to the industry standard threaded connector, except it is smooth and not threaded.

Unfortunately, I am in Peru right now (where the 270 and 470 style canisters are available, as well as the threaded ones). So I can't post photos of the different types.

Ant Ani:

The small town independent hardware and sporting goods shops located near national parks are more likely to carry the "blue cans."  I have a couple of 270/470 (non-threaded) style cans, but I am in California.  the cans are yours for free, if you are interested in paying for shipping.  Send me a PM.


Pardon my neglect in monitoring this thread, I am not getting the email notifications. is the 270/470 that I have. The threaded canisters valves might work but for the indentation around the valve is too shallow to accept the plastic clamp on the 270.

It is so strange that they are available worldwide.....except in the US.

Ed...Thanks! Will figure out how to PM on this forum.

I am progressing homeward, with the ORShow just wrapped up. I discovered a booth for a company named "Bleuet". This was the alternate name for Camping Gaz. A few years back, as I noted above, Camping Gaz was bought by Coleman. It turns out that Coleman let their rights to the Bleuet name lapse. The new, very small startup obtained the rights. They do NOT produce any of the Camping Gaz models of gear, including the canisters. As previously mentioned, there are some Asian and Slovenian companies making certain of the canisters. You might find ones to fit your non-puncture stoves. Most countries currently ban the puncture style canisters.

The new Bleuet makes an Esbit type of solid fuel "with a much improved formulation", according to the new owner. No compressed gas stoves or fuel canisters, though.

I remember those old blue cans. seems like everybody had them back in the day, now, nobody does...everybody is carrying the screw on cans now. maybe you'll just have to break down and buy a new stove.

September 25, 2020
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