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walking boot cleaning and reproofing

i have  a fabric (event lining) walking boots and leather boots i was wondering if anyone has any tips for cleaning and reproofing them with out using  nikwax

If I'm reading your question correctly, leather boot with breathable liner, you may want to take a look at Atsko's Sno-Seal

They claim it to surface treat leather without completely soaking through which allows a liner to breath into the inside of the leather while waterproofing the outside.

I can't tell you scientifically if that is true :) but I have used the product with good results for many years.

I use Grangers products for boots and no complaints so far.

John, When you say "without using Nikwax", keep in mind that there are a variety of Nikwax products for cleaning and for waterproofing boots. Some have wax in them (different varieties), while some are a silicone liquid to give the waterproofing. Same with McNett, Graingers, etc. You need to make sure you match the product to the type of boot.

As an example, my spouse and I are headed for a bit of hiking in the Alps next week. While we are hoping for blue skies, we know the Alps well enough to know that we could get rain, snow, other precip any time of year. So it is important that the boots be conditioned to match. Her boots are suede outer, while mine are full-grain leather with a smooth finish. The products that work for her boots are different from the ones that work for mine, within the same brand name.

Bottom line is to read the label carefully to see whether the formulation matches the boot outer material - full grain leather, Nubuck, suede, fabric (for my trail-runners, I use a still different product in the same brand that is made for fabric). Your boots should have come with a tag or instruction insert that specifies the type of treatment product - follow that recommendation.

Thanks for the advice guys

October 26, 2020
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