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Help, maintenance on 70's Kelty Tioga!

So, I'm coming here in hopes of finding someone who might be able to assist me. I recently acquired a Kelty Tioga external frame pack, I washed it to clean it up a bit as was very dirty. Although as I was washing it the weatherproofing cracked and was falling off. Now I'm curious if there's a better way to strip it off the weatherproofing, and what to use to re-weatherproof it that won't harm the pack? Thank you in advance....

That's quite the pack you have there! My friend Ed hikes with that pack almost exclusively.

I'd remove the urethane layer with a brush and some mild soap, wash it quite well with a hose, and dry in a warm, dark place. You could replace the waterproofing with urethane, but I'd consider replacing it with a combo UV protectant and silicone, like

Most people rely on a waterproof stuff sack to keep gear dry, so you could leave off the waterproofing entirely, and just treat with a UV protectant.

Awesome thank you! I actually have quite a few of these packs, put this is the first time this has happened with the weatherproofing cracking and falling off. I typically use dry sacks as well, but I like the little bit of extra protection! I will definitely have to try Granger's Tent Cleaner/Waterproofer Kit though, thank you again!

I have two Kelty Tiogas from the 1970s and the bags are made of nylon pack cloth.  I notice no weatherproofing on them.  If they had such a coating it would be of no consequence.  You cannot rely on the bag of a pack to keep the rain out. You need a pack cover, plastic bag and/or dry bags.

My recollection is the Tioga (or super Tioga?) had  coated pack cloth only on the back panel and the rest was uncoated. Kelty manufactured a rain cover for their frame packs but it left some exposed area on the rear panel. Thus, the coated back panel. I think this was the beginning of Kelty's departure from the use of uncoated pack cloth.

In wet country always bring a pack cover or a plastic bag for the outside of your pack unless you use dry bags.

January 21, 2021
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