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Hemming waterproof/breathable pants?

I have a pair of TNF Freedom pants that I like a lot, except that they're too long and the hem drags like seems to be the style nowadays. I'd like to have them shortened, is there any reason I couldn't just have a tailor or seamstress do it? Loss of waterproofing on the bottom inch of the legs isn't a concern. 

Absolutely, hem them Phil. When you get them back the right length you can post again about waterproofing the bottom inch.

God Bless

I don't think would be an issue, but it would be dependent on the stitching around the ankle cuff. If the stitching can be easily (and carefully) ripped out or not. Just be sure the seamstress/tailor has worked with the material/fabric before. Nothing like getting something back from the seamstress/tailor that is worse than when it went in.

Also, I'm sure you realize this, but doing this type of alteration almost certainly nulls any warranty/manufacturer's guarantee. 

Best of luck. 

I actually used this amazing new tool called "goo gull," I believe, and it gave me all kinds of results when I typed in "TNF alterations." Specialty Outdoors was the first result, and they're a TNF-authorized repair & alteration facility. So I think I'm going to send the pants in to them. 

There is a long tradition of people that work in the woods. They cut their pants off or "peg" them. They are just long enough to cover their 8-10 inch boot tops. That keeps them from snagging on the brush and getting wet. If some threads get loose just cut them off. It is not a fashion show.

September 30, 2020
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