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8:26 a.m. on April 30, 2016 (EDT)
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I have a Camping Gaz Lumostar C270 camping lantern. It has a unique connector requiring the uses of only Camping Gas fuel canisters. Is there an adapter that I may use to connect this lamp to a lindel valve canister ? What alternatives do I have for fuel canisters ? 

10:56 p.m. on April 30, 2016 (EDT)
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I am afraid that not long after Coleman acquired Camping Gaz, they stopped making the canisters. So for those of us who have the Bleuet stoves and lanterns, we are mostly out of luck.

If you still have a supply of the puncture-type canisters, I suggest you just use up your supply and save an empty canister with the stove top as a nostalgic display item (make sure you do truly fully empty the canister). Same with the non-threaded lindahl-valve canisters and lanterns.

However, MSR makes (or maybe "made" past tense) a stove that can be hung, as well as stood on a table called the "SuperFly" This stove has an attachment that will fit both the threaded and non-threaded canisters. I use mine still, but with the threaded valves, since the non-threaded canisters are very hard to find anywhere.

Up to a couple years ago, there were SE Asian countries and a couple of Slovenian companies that shipped the non-threaded and puncture canisters to the US, with a very small number of companies selling them on-line. Our local store that used to carry them (Redwood Trading Post) had some, but no longer has them.

The short answer is, you are out of luck for the lanerns, but might be able to get one of the SuperFly stoves.

February 19, 2020
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