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Good Spray-on Waterproofer?

Not exactly a camping question, but I could use suggestions. I drive for FedEx Express and have a company soft shell parka. I used the Nik Wax wash-in over a year ago. Seemed to work for a while.  Can anyone recommend a great spray on waterproofer that really works? Thanks!

I use 3M Scotchgard. I give it a few coats between drys. I waterproofed a jungle hat to the point where it would hold water inside it and soak up the water from the inside to keep my head cool hiking but stop rain or snow from getting my head wet from the outside.

I have also used to to waterproof my bicycle seat, running shoes,cycling gloves,etc. It drys clear.


Thompson's Water Seal-Fabric Seal works-get it at a Lowe's like place or True Value, etc.

And  Atsko also sells a silicone fabric seal called Water Guard. I bought it at Eureka.

Both are sprays

The big question is does it let the fabric breath ?

Yes. spray-on WP will breathe.  The product doesn't seal the fabric, it makes it hydrophobic (the water doesn't want to touch it), thus sheds the water.   

But actually the question is: how long does it work? 
Your application is borderline.  I find spray stuff good for short visits in the rain, but leaks if out the whole day.  Thus why I say your application is borderline.


I guess my question was with the scotch guard. I've used it on other produces ( stinks like hell ) but works and lasts a long time. 

I personaly use granger wp on my Gortex and I agree with Ed it only last a very short time.

I sprayed the Kiwi stuff on my work parka and it works well enough. My boots, however, I treated with Snoseal. 

You could always use Flex Seal :)

I've never found anything better than Sno-Seal for boots. Is there something better?

+1  Snow Seal.

I put my boots in a low temp oven and melt the stuff into the leather until it won't take any more.

When it comes to sealing full grain leather . It is as much about the process as it is about the product. If you are from east of the Rockies the cowboys like to use saddle soap. The local hard cores like to use natural bees wax. Personally I don't like snowseal ( I find it leaches out in the water) and have had great success with Mink Oil. 

Now the process. Like varnishing a fine piece of wood Feed/Fill/Finish

Step one .

You need to wear the boots to get rid of the shine the manufacturer put on them that made you buy them in the first place . Expose the grain

Step two

You need to heat the boots evenly ( some will use a hair dryer , it does not heat the boots evenly ) leaving them in my truck for an hour in the sun on a hot day works. Then apply gobs of the Mink oil on it should melt right in apply until the boot looks shiney them move on to the next boot. Place boots back in heat source. 

Step three

Repeat step two but let boots cool afterwards

Step four

Apply a thin finishing coat  and do so every couple months 

by doing this I usually end up killing my boots on the inside before destroying them on the out side. 

Paul, it being organic did you ever feel the mink oil rotted the leather of your boots as it decomposed?

Your 'proofing technique is similar to mine.

Great observation. Not a problem with full grain leather. ( I just retired my Scarpa Sl after 5 hard  yrs killed them on the inside ) But if I use Mink oil on goat skin or a light leather then yes there is definitely a funk coming ftom them. So for that I will use Grangers natural bees wax compound .

Thanks for the reply Paul.

October 28, 2021
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