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What's in the box?

Sent in the body of my Hubba to Cascade Designs last month for a warranty inspection due to moisture seeping through the floor. Got an email last night saying there is a 1.5lb FedEx package on its way here from WA. No other contact and no info I can find updating the RA on their web site.

Based on the weight I'm guessing they aren't sending me a complete new NX model :) Just as well since I'm not a fan of the new color. I am left wondering what is in the box though. Seems strange they don't communicate better, but I guess it does build anticipation.

Let us know what you get - it's like Santa is arriving in mid January!I have been amazed, at times, by several companies with their warranty response.  Most memorable - rain fly failure on my old Mountain Hardwear tent - sent it back and they gave me a credit for a replacement.  Decided I wanted a different type of tent so they sent me a check for the entire amount of an equivalent tent!

On a somewhat related note. has the one person hubba on sale for 265$.

Well I hope it's an all expense paid trip to Mt Everest base camp for you and 3 of your best buds and a gift certificate for a new bear proof tent of you choice. At least that's what I'm praying you get. Blessing your way

Jason, I loved shopping sales at Bob Ward in Butte.  Its like they just keep reducing priced till they sell.  Sadly, I no longer travel to Butte for work. 

They kept up the suspense by taking an extra day to deliver it, but the box finally arrived today. CD did indeed replace the tent body with a new one noting the old one had failed a fabric coating test. Having a new floor is nice, but replacing the entire body means I got new zippers and screens as well. Definitely worth the money it cost to ship it to them.

Shame the fly isn't failing too so I could get a whole new tent, but that still seems to work just fine :) Still, a darn fine customer service experience for a tent I've gotten years of use out of.

Congrats! I love hearing about good companies that stand behind their warranties. I think there are a few more of those in the outdoor industry than others. Bought a couch a few years back and was debating one for less money bUT had a lifetime warranty. Asked the salesman about the details and he said it was the lifetime of the couch or 7 years!

 Nice customer service! 

September 23, 2020
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