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Magellan Blue Stone Tent

We have purchased a used Blue Stone Tent and the rain fly is missing, does anyone know where we can get one or have one made?


Teresa I searched for it online and it appears that your best bet will be at Academy Sports Store. Hope that helps. You can also buy a tarp for it. I'm assuming that you will be using it for fair weather car camping Correct? If they can order you one make sure it doesn't cost more than buying a whole new tent and will work for the conditions you expect to face. Good luck

From what little info I have found on this tent I am given to assume it is not worth trying to get someone to make a replacement fly as the cost of such services will probably exceed the cost of the tent itself when it was purchased with a fly.

But if you are so inclined to have someone make one, consider these options:

  • Your local shoe/luggage repair folks have the tools for the job, albeit they are unlikely to take on such a project.
  • You local seamstress can also make a fly for you.  But you will have to provide a pattern.
  • Surf the web for folks that specialize in this service.  You will need to try several keywoods (e.g. "tent repair", "pack repair", "custom outdoor sewing", etc) to obtain a list of any size as this is truly a niche market.


Thanks I have searched under rain fly repair never entered my mind to try tent repair. And it does look more and more like we will end up using a very large tarp.

January 25, 2021
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