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Garuda Jana/Arja Pole measurements

I have a Garuda Arja that does not have any poles.  Would someone here have the pole segment lengths? The Arja has the same measurements as the Jana I beleieve.

Greatly appreciated,

Thank you

There's a Jana on E-Bay right now, maybe they would measure the poles for you?

Thanks Pine sap.  Turns out it is not an Arja after all.


     I assume you've already tried the manufacturer.  Even if they say "No, we don't sell parts" try to weasel your way through the telephone system to the personnel that process warranty claims.  Of course there's no warranty for losing your poles, but they may have a damaged tent coming in with perfectly good poles. 

     If that doesn't work, you might try Tentpole Technologies.  They have specs for many tents, and will fabricate a set if the manufacturer cannot/will not sell a set of poles to you.

     I just bought a Mountain Hardware TwiLight 2 with no poles (for $20), arrogantly thinking I could find or fashion a replacement set.  No luck yet.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.  

I contacted Byron Schutz via email and he was able to give me his thoughts based on some photos I'd taken.  It was likely a prototype made up for a trade show as it didn't have certain patches on it like "made in China", etc.  and the seam sealing was the most perfect job I'd ever seen!

It turns out it was a Trikaya, not a Tambu and defineitely not an Arja as the seller on Ebay had posted.  (It did come with a torn Arja bag though..)

The tent was sold to a member here, who will give it a good home!

Thanks again for responding!

Happy Trails

January 25, 2021
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