DIY shoulder strap padding

10:59 p.m. on November 5, 2017 (EST)
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     I'm making my own bag, and I want to have the most comfortable, light weight shoulder straps and belt possible (of course).  My gear weighs about 9 lbs in the summer, and can push upwards towards 35 lbs if I pack real heavy in the winter. 

     I'm thinking that I want to follow this basic plan: , but using 1/8" FY20 padding in between the two 1/8" thick 3d mesh layers, instead of the Codura.  I don't think I want to run the webbing the full length of the strap either.  Maybe just sew the webbing to the last couple inches of each end of the straps.


Does anyone have any experience with these materials, or have any other suggestions for better materials?


Is the added FY20 padding overkill, and possibly just adding weight, or will it add comfort and support?


Will removing the Codura from the middle weaken the integrity of the strap?


The materials I had intended on using were:

- 1/8" 3D spacer mesh (2 outside layers)

- 1/8" FY20 Padding (middle layer)

- 3/4" grossgrain (outside trim)

- 3/4" lightweight polypropylene webbing (strap attachment on both ends & sternum strap)

Thanks for any input!

February 19, 2020
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