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I was going to resurrect an old thread from 2015 but it was closed for comments.  We all receive items in the mail and many times the package is a tyvek mailing envelope.  I normally throw them in the trash but I thought about re-purposing them instead of adding them to a landfill.  I recently made two stuff sacks using legal size priority mail envelopes (used).  I searched youtube and found a method that requires sewing but I thought that would be tedious.  I opted for an all tape method using Duck brand double sided tape (the kind that's in the window insulator kits sold at stores) and a roll of tyvek tape I picked up at HD (the tyvek tape is super tacky).  It took about 20 minutes to make two sacks and I had some scrap guyline which became the drawcord.  You can use linelocs to lock it down once it's cinched up, but I just tie an overhand knot and it works just as well.




I've done this as well. Also repurposed Fedex envelopes into small groundcloths to serve as a doormat or to set my pack on.

Good idea 

I just found out about using a double tape called Seamstick which is used for sailmaking. The tape is tacky enough that the tyvek will delaminate before the tape fails.  Amazon has it or Sailrite. 

Had to have surgery on my left foot so I have much time to kill while it heals.  Here's a couple of things I made to pass the time:


.51 oz per sq yd dyneema composite fabric (DCF) stuff sacks in various sizes.  I bought a squared yard of the material from Zpacks along with linelocs.  I bought spectra line from because of it's slick nature.  It can be purchased in 1 foot increments.  Zpacks no longer sells material but DCF can be obtained from

20180120_155308.jpgMade a wallet out of tyvek.  Folks who have a creative streak can decorate tyvek in any manner they desire.  Empty, it weighs 0.2 grams.  It will keep your money from getting damp with perspiration while you hike. 

I can't wait for the socks ! :)

~9 months a year I sleep under a tarp with my homemade Tyvek 1443r bivy. If memory serves me right, I believe it weighed in around 6oz.

The zipper has blown out (which I won't use when I build v2.0), but I otherwise find it to work well with my system.







I like the idea of a Tyvek bivy, do you think it breaths as well as Goretex?  I'm inspired to go out and get some Seamstick and Tyvek and see what gear I can make up.

That bivy is pretty neat. I think with something large like the bivy, it would be better to use a combination of sewing and seamstick to make it more durable.

Nice work Sean!

Mike, the thinner and lighter 1443r tyvek is somewhat breathable, but the thicker tyvek used for house wraps and Fedex envelopes and such is not.

Yep, on the 1443r. I have never noticed condensation inside the bivy, and this material will eventually wet out, but it does a fine job increasing weather resistance. 

Regarding the wear, I have found the Tyvek tape to be stronger in ALL areas over any sewing that was done. One will destroy the material before that tape gives way...

Oh yes, now I noticed the Tyvek tape in the photos. I have a roll of it and it definitely is very tacky. I have a Frogg Toggs ultralight rain jacket and pants I keep in my car for unexpected rain showers.  I've reinforced certain areas of the jacket and pants using the Tyvek tape and it works great.

October 25, 2020
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