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Hubba Hubba rainfly

Good morning everyone, I have a rainfly that the seam tape has turn white in color and is flaking off.  I was wondering if I can buy rainfly (green) and/or if it's worth repairing?

I like this tent a lot and not ready to get a new tent unless it's just a waste off time and to old because age.

Thank you for any input,


If you contact MSR they will likely ask you to send it in to be looked at. They will either warranty you a new fly or offer to repair or sell you one depending on what their magic 8 ball tells them. They replaced the body of my Hubba when the floor stopped keeping out water.

Yep, I would first contact MSR to see if they will replace the fly. If you find their warranty dept. service/response is unsatisfactory then it's and easy fix to make it waterproof again if the tape/glue has deteriorated to the point that the seam actually lets moisture through. Please let us know what happens.

The MSR Warranty & Repair Shop is located at 130 South Dakota Street, Seattle, 98134, and is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please call 1.800.531.9531 or email @

Thank you for the input, I like this tent a lot.  I did send them email today and will call Monday.  I open it on the trail this morning, just checking gear and found the flakes.  It was like a little snow storm, but very happy with this tent.  I keep everyone posted and I send a kind email.  I am willing to buy a new fly, but I still want the green color.


I call MSR today and was inform it wasn't in warranty.  I didn't expected to be under warranty they told me easy fix which I agree.  I'm a solo person and I'll fix it but I did order another rain fly which cost $120.00 includes shipping.  I was told they have a big back log and it will ship next week.  I did test the fly and doesn't leak but when I get the new fly I'll fit the old and and rotate them.  They said it was common problem and it's from packing gear to tight.  It's strange because I keep it in a 30 liter dry sack, but maybe the air tight is causing problems.  I talk to person name Zoe who was very helpful.  The new fly is green one like the old one.


LoneStranger's 8 ball comment seems seems unfortunately true.  I've had the fly for a Hubba replaced twice at no cost - once for flaking coating and once for gummy coating.  Both times were beyond the warranty period.  (I also store my tents loose, in oversize totes that have vent windows cut in them.)


I did get the fly on Thursday, I'm keeping old one in my pack for now and see if this is caused by my dry bag.  I don't put it in wet, but unclear if age caused problem or not.


I truly believe that there is nothing that you are doing wrong in the storing of your tent and fly. As reported from the people on this thread and after looking on line for information it appears that this tent just seems to have this and other problems on a regular basis. I would keep the old fly, remove any tape that appears to be coming loose, cracking/flaking, then cleaning the areas thoroughly. I would then seam seal it so that you have a back up fly

Thanks for input and that is my plan to keep it as a spare.  It is a drag that it has this problem and after looking around you see a lot of other people with the same problem.  I believe using gear to the very end and consatrate being on the trail, but this is minior problem but as solo person don't need failure and always have backup. 

Have a great time on the trails

August 10, 2020
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