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Reflectix uses?

It's been a very wet but not as hot summer here in the southeast US. Although a little later in the fall this year, a nice frosty morning in a tent this week reminded me to touch up some cold weather gear...first thing this weekend was a new pot cozy and lid.

Not only keeps dinner warm for a while but saves on fuel keeping boiled water steaming hot for a quick reboil for that second cup of coffee in the morning. I love Reflectix. Anyone else use it for things I haven't thought of besides cozies, water bottle insulators, and bottom warmers? I still have a giant roll and ready to mess around since I cant be on the trail for another week or so.

Oh yeah, we have used it for years as pot cozies. It is super light, inexpensive and will keep our pot of food very hot for an hour so we don’t have to use much fuel for cooking certain things. And yes it does keep the pot of tea hot too. 

We we have also made envelopes to insulate fresh vegetables and other foods. It is amazing stuff. 

I've been using it for a few years now...just bought my second large roll so have an abundance of it and looking for more uses! Maybe a winter beanie if I ever lose my down one? Too close to a tin foil hat though...

Thought about using it to insulate my Sawyer filter and small alcohol dispensing bottle for my stove but I keep both in my sleeping bag at night with me and in a chest pocket during the day to keep them warm on subfreezing trips. Figured the Reflectix would actually keep my heat away from those which would be bad, especially for the filter.

I’ve seen folks insulate single wall metal cups with it. I usually just buy a few feet from the hardware store and already have some aluminum tape. Surprisingly there is no metal in the reflectixix, only plastic. I checked it out when thinking about insulating my phone from both the heat and cold, didn’t want to block the signal antenna. Pound for pound it must be one of the best insulators.

  • Cozy for rehydrating freezer-bag cooking.
  • Insulating wrap for drinking mug.
  • DIY pot lid.
  • Padded "carry case" for my camera.
  • Another one for my cell phone.
  • When I carry a bear canister in the Sierra, it barely fits in my pack so it is tight against the pack fabric, and during the day the sun's energy heats the bear canister's outward-facing wall and melts the chocolate bars I carry. So, I put some Reflectix around the bear can on that outward-facing side to insulate it from the sun.
  • I know of folks who have used it as a sit pad, sleep mat, pillow, cooler for fresh food, pot handle cover/grabber, eyeglasses or sunglasses sleeve.

These are just the backpacking uses I utilize or am aware of. I also use it around the house for a variety of things.

A couple of notes about buying Reflectix. First off, I had always heard that the windshield sun reflectors for your car that use air bubble insulation are the same stuff, but the one I got is not -- it's definitely thinner and does not insulate as well. Second, when you buy a roll of real Reflectix, keep in mind that you lose about an inch of width because, since it's made for the building materials market, it is expected to be stapled along at least one edge so one edge of the roll is perforated, to deflate the air bubbles for about one inch, so that there is a strip of the material that will lie flat for stapling.

I used some as a solar reflector in an experimental lightweight solar water heater:

Phil, please post a picture of yerself in a reflectix hat...

A pair of videos that are at least amusing if not fully relevant:

Don't miss out on the cat-love in the first one!

I bought a roll and have made the obligatory pot cozy (coozy, coozie???), an envelope style cozy for freeze dried meals, a nalgene cozy for winter, a sit pad, and because of it being wider than most inflatable mattresses at 24" I use a piece in winter under my Thermarest for a little extra R value and width, keeping my elbows off the cold ground.

Great insulation for many things.  I will be taking my hybrid trailer out this month for some fall camping.  I use Relflectrix on the roof of the canvas pop outs. It can also be used to fill in the windows.  It makes a big difference in heat retentinon overnight and reduces solar gain during hot weather. 

Does moisture build up on it when you use it on your camper Ppine? Just wondering since its not very breathable.

Good question Phil. Not all the canvas is covered and it breathes well. The trailer has ample opportunities for ventilation in the form of roof vents and windows.  Condensation is rarely a problem in a trailer in the West even in wet weather. 

October 16, 2021
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