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VE-24 vs VE-25??

Q--I bought my tent in 1984, it has 1 door and 2 windows.  I can't remember if it is a VE-24 or a VE-25??  I think a 24.  How do I tell for sure?? 

Q--However, am mostly interested in replacing the two spacers between tent and fly that have disappeared over the years.  Any suggestions?  Have not tried talking to North Face yet, but that is next move, depending on what I might hear from this forum.  

Have spent a lot of nights in it since 1984, including a great many of them above 19,000 feet.  I love it, but I am now 76 and just use it to car camp with in the desert.

Butch in Tucson

I'd just use open cell foam air filter membranes for the spacers.  The spacers were for keeping condensation on the fly from contacting the inner tent wall.  I wouldn't bother with the spacers for your intended use.  Rain is rarely an issue in the desert, thus I use the fly mainly to reduce UV degrading the inner wall, and remove the rain fly at night for better ventilation and eliminating condensation altogether.


No idea about the spacers, but I love that you have a VE-24/5 and still use it. Brings back lots of memories. 

Hi Ed and Zalman, thanks for the replies.  I understand about the desert and rain, and thus I have ignored not having spacers since I stopped climbing.  In October, however, I was in Bandalier Nat Mon in Northern New Mexico when it rained a lot and then snowed on us.  One seam leaked, which I am addressing now with seam sealer.  It has been a long time since I sealed seams.  I spent lots of nights in this tent in serious blizzard conditions not to appreciate hazards of leaking tents.  And the spacers do keep sodden, fly nylon, from contacting the nylon of the tent itself.  Which will also then leak.  I will find some spacers some place, perhaps through North Face.  Again, thank you for weighing in on my questions and keep up the good work.   Butch

Either model, a very excellent tent.  The 25 is still offered.  It was a good tent in 1987, when I first used one on Denali.  I was so impressed that a few years later I bought four for use on a multi-season project on the California Channel Islands (Santa Rosa) where we had moderate temps, but ferocious winds.  Later I purchased a 24- seemed to be about the same, but just a bit smaller and definitely cheaper.  We did manage to shred the 24 by pitching it in a very exposed place just before the evening sundowner wind struck.

Ultimately the flies suffered from UV degradation - understandable since by the end of the project  they had been pitched for about 400 days.

I used a VE-24 tent for 27 years, (1979-06)  until a grizzly bear in Wyoming destroyed it for me, while I was out day hiking. Looking for food most likely though it was all hanging in a tree high above, probably had many old smells in it after nearly 30 years of use.

GaryPalmer said:

probably had many old smells in it after nearly 30 years of use.

Or, possibly, some bears simply have come to recognize tents as high probability targets to raid. For this reason some places advise that if you base-camp that you take your tent down and leave it laying flat while you are away during the day.

Welcome to FB Butch.

The VE-24 was the predecessor of the VE-25.  The VE-24 was a solid 3 season/lightweight 4 season tent when it came out at the same time as the Ring Oval Intention(OI) which by all measures........except weight and cost............was by the far best, most solid 4 season tent that TNF produced at the time in regards to 4 season forays into the wilds.  The VE-24 introduced in 1977, in I believe, the same year the first Ring Oval Intention(OI) came out.  The VE-25 was introduced at the same time as the Sleeve Oval Intention(OI) which hit the scene in 1979/80 season.

All of the VE-24's that I've seen or owned have a front door and two snow tunnels at the rear corresponding with the fly that have a front door and two snow tunnels at the rear.  All of the VE-25 that I've owned and still own have had a vestibule up front incorporated into the fly.

I do know that they used a VE-24 beefed up body for the first model of VE-25.

There was at one time a VE-23 that had the same body footprint and poles that had a front and back door.

I currently have 6 VE-25's covering the span of the 30+ years that TNF has been making improvements to the tent as well as 5 VE-24's in different color variations.

** Now, to the crux of the OP's question.......................The North Face(TNF) will replace the foam spacers for free under warranty.  I just received six foam spacers last year from them.**

Hi there and thank you for reply.  Although the several other responders were gracious with their time, they mostly just reinforced that VE-24s and 25s were great tents.  You were the first to actually help me identify which I have.  I am going to declare success and say it is a VE-24.  Thank you.  I will call TNF and check in with the spacers issue, which I suspected I would end up doing anyway.  Thank you for your response....


You're welcome.

October 16, 2021
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