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Burnt my bag....

Finally got out for an overnight winter camping trip this past weekend here in WI with my 13 year old son, my buddy and his son.  It was my first chance to try my new hot tent, titanium stove and new Nemo Sonic -20 down bag.  

Since it was cold and my son started to show signs of getting sick at night, i gave him my brand new bag to sleep in.  In the morning i fired up the new wood stove to warm him up some hot chocolate and just as we were getting out of the tent to head back out, he accidentally bumped the bag into the wood stove and burnt a small section of it.  It's probably 6-8" wide and 2-3" across.  I duct taped it just to keep the down in it for now.

The question is, where do i send it to get it repaired?  Do i go through Nemo or is there someone else that does better work?  I don't think we lost much down, but there may be a chance they need to add a little bit.

Thanks in advance!

Try Nemo first. If not them, the only other company I've heard of for such is

Can you restuff it yourself and then apply nylon repair tape? How bad is the damage? Superficial or?

Nemo emailed me back.  They said they could only patch it (vs. replacing the damaged panels completely) and they could NOT add any down back in.  I asked them to give me a price and also asked if supplied a couple ounces of down if they could add it for me just to be safe even though i doubt we loss more than an ounce.

I am still waiting to hear back from Rainy Pass Repair.

It's far from superficial and given this was a serious investment meant to last many years, i'd like to have it repaired as properly as possible.  I did consider the tenacious tape route, but i'd like to exhaust all other options first.

Good luck. Just remember good repair tape can be matched for color most likely and will last forever and 'down' can be bought if you need to do your own repair.

I have a down jacket that got 7 holes ripped it it behind one shoulder with a couple of the holes the size of a quarter. They were all close together. I used Tenacious Tape and that has held with zero problem for about 9 years now. 

2 oz of down is a whole lot of down! And it would probably cost more to replace one fabric panel with all the baffles to work with on a bag than to buy a new bag. Repair is your best option. Too bad they can’t charge you a minimal fee for a bit of down, stuff it themselves and sew a patch. 


Here's the taped up bag.  I don't want to pull the duct tape so i don't loose more down.

I'm not to concerned with looks, it's longevity.

Have you had any issues with cracking of the Tenacious Tape?  I read or saw a video somewhere that said if used in a area of alot of flexing it will crack.  it was the clear stuff, so not sure if the black version is any different.  I just worry with this being on the footbox as well as going in/out of stuff sack the tape will fail.

As for Nemo, i can only assume their bags are made overseas and their domestic location doesn't have any of the materials on hand??

I've never used Tenacious tape...I had some other ripstop nylon repair tape which came in different colors. I know it is still available. It never failed after decades and went to at least -25f. Unfortunately I don't know its name.

Don't pull the duct tape until you are ready to repair and have replacement tape and down on hand.

I know you have many $ in the bag and damaging it sucks but it will likely still outlast you once repaired. Like someone stepping on your new shoes or the first scratch in a new car, damage happens and can't be helped, only fixed.

I also use tape for small damaged areas on down articles, but prefer to sew up holes the size of your project. 

The location of the damage avails itself to a simple repair.  Trim off the damage position of the shell, then draw the edges together along the length of the area, and stitch the opposing edges together.  Stitch each short end to itself, to close up the ends.  I repaired a down bag in a similar manner, in the field, after a marmot rented a similar hole in my bag, mistaking it for a salt lick.  The amount of down you lost probably won't be missed, unless you were tossing the damaged bag about and letting the feathers fly.  If the hole crosses a internal baffle, do your best to restore that portion of the baffle, it need only be OK, not perfect.  My repair outlived the bag, when it was forced into retirement after years of UV light finally made the outer shell brittle and subject to cracking.  The repair was rustic looking, but did the job without any further repairs needed.


I misspoke when I said I use Tenatious tape. I use Kenyon tape. It is said to be more flexible. I have used it for over a decade and carry some in my repair kit. That is what I used on the down jacket shoulder and I have used it on the elbow of my Patagonia Nanopuff pullover. It is very flexible. So far no cracking or peeling up.

I leant over and dropped my down bag on my camp stove once.  I used stiches and shoe goo to mend it.  It was...okay, it always smelt like burnt feathers afterward.  I gave it to my daughter, who can't afford to be choosy.

October 25, 2021
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