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Which sealant for old Walrus tent?

My 30 year old Walrus 3 season tent is flaking the waterproofing from the interior floor and lower sides. I have scraped most off with a bristle brush and want to recoat it. I read that the sealant to use depends on the original fabric treatment, either silicone or polyurethane. Since Walrus is out of business, I am trying to find someone who knows how these tents were waterproofed. Does anyone know? It is a 3-season 4 person tent, yellow floor, sides and roof, two doors, two windows and gray fly.  Thanks!

Tents that age used polyurethane.  It is quite a bit of work to recoat and seal the seams.  It is tedious and the typical DIY effort  will weigh considerably more than a factory WP application.  IMO my time is worth the money spent replacing the tent.  Gift the Walrus to a family with small kids that can use it as a back yard fort.


Hi Elaine Fortin ,

Just incase this tent has either emotion value or if you are saving it out of necessity, I took it upon myself to verify what your tent was made out of.  Walrus was taken over by MSR in the year 2001 & so I contacted MSR on your behalf (hoping they would have a data base of Walrus tents from 30 years ago) and spoke to a repair supervisor.  He verified that back then the tents were made out of polyurethane , and that the rain fly was made of a different material.  MSR suggest using Nikwax Tent & Gear Solar Proof on the rain fly of your tent and to use Gearaid Tent Fabric Sealant for inside and outside of tent.

Plz feel free to pop in and make a post for any of your future outdoor gear curiosities.

Michael you are amazing! I had not thought of contacting MSR as I had heard they had been bought out.

Yesterday, I ordered 3 16 oz containers of Grangers Tent and Gear Repel. 

It is supposed to work on polyurethane, which someone said was probably the material used to seal a tent that old. That agrees with what you were told. I will see how that works but will save your advice and get Gearaid if it doesn't.

Although I don't use it anymore, my son and grandsons can. I always bought really good gear for all my activities and hated passing on a tent that appears in fine shape but was peeling profusely.

Thank you!!!

Elaine it was my pleasure.  Most of my childhood and early teens possessions  were either lost or donated without my consent by my belated mother so I can appreciate the emotional  value of getting your old tent fixed and passing it to the next generation. I can only imagine the excitement your son and grandchildren will have getting your Walrus tent back to ship  top shape and using their mothers/grandmothers tent  on their outdoor adventures.

For the record though,  the tent treatment was not my own advice but that of MSR .  I had explained to the MSR representative the possibility of emotional value of your tent and explained to him about my own loss of my camping gear as I mentioned in my 1st paragraph up above. The rep took it upon himself to help you and went up and beyond to assist us in this matter. I only used my background to track down the information and that I was only happy to do for you and your family. But the actual credit goes to MSR and I must give credit where credit is due.

Elaine plz feel free to drop in here at for any of your future gear questions, it is why we are here, to help... Be safe and be well- Michael

My gratitude goes out to you and the MSR person for spending the time to help a stranger. A real life example of 'Pay it forward' and 'What goes around, comes around': by living a life helping others and caring for our planet, it comes back ten fold. Thank you Michael.

October 16, 2021
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