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how do you get rid of air mattress outgassing smell?

got an alpine design air mattress and the plastic "outgasing" smell makes my lady and i sick. How do we get rid of that fast? otherwise, i will have to return the mattress. thanks.

I was surprised and disappointed that the alpine design/ sportmart site has no clear contact point for customer support and questions like this.

hi abner try scented talc powder

Abner, I looked around the net and couldn't find any quick answer for you. My experience has been that some plastics never seem to stop outgassing and you two just may be more sensitive than others. Outgassing from plastic car components, such as dashboards may also cause a film on your car windshield on hot days. Similar effect to your problem. You may have to try a different brand of mattress made of a different material.

I once had a really nasty case of mold in a sleeping bag - from sitting in the closet too long. I half-filled a 5 gal bucket with half-vinegar and half-water and soaked the sleeping bag for 2 days. Vinegar is an acid.. consider baking soda, Barkeeper's Friend, others. After it soaked for 2 days I washed it in the washer (followed instructions) and let it dry in the fresh air for a couple days. Perfect ever since. I figured the vinegar destroyed the mold spores (maybe not .. but that is what bacteria to to wine to make it into vinegar) You want to ask .. what neutralizes the polymers that are making the smell and then use that for a couple days to supress the smell. Then wash it and let fresh air at it. BUT ... by that time you probably cannot return it. So maybe a return is the best solution.

December 1, 2020
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