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Timberland Brand

For those of you who are hardcore hikers, how do you rate Timberland boots overall compared to whatever brand you consider quality?

Please explain thoroughly......

Do you think they are equal to my Army issue Desert jungle boots for the purpose of hiking in rough terrain/mountains etc. or would you consider the military boots to be better for that use?

Please be patient, I'm a military veteran and I know how these boots feel, but we didn't hike in them, most of the time we were on concrete or in the desert.


I got abut 200 miles out of my Timberlands before ther repelled water more like sandles than leather boots. The seal between the lether uppers and the sole basically disappeared. They were comfortable with little or no break in period. I would use them again if I knew there would be no heavy dew or rain.

I have found that with Timberland, the higher end boots made using genuine leather / rubber / metal construction hold up very well, but like most, only if they are taken care of.

With their fabric based boots, IMO you are paying more for the Gore-Tex / appearance the durability.

I have a pair of low-top hikers I use during warmer weather and on lighter hikes that I just broke out to prepare for an upcoming hike in SC. I put the saddle soap to them, followed by a couple coatings of "Waxed Leather Protector" (made buy Timberland) and new laces. This morning they are like new and ready to go. These boots are 4 or 5 years old, and I'd say I will get at least another 3 out of them.

I have another pair that look almost like a low-top Bean boot. The rubber on the toe became slightly cracked over the 6 years I've had them, but like my others, the leather / stitching is like new.

My advice with Timberland, go leather, but take care of it.

i'm not a big fan of timberland boots for hiking. i haven't worn them in a while but found that i could never really get my feet secure in them, and many of them are insulated - too hot. i never had problems with them wearing out or not holding up to abuse.

i have never hiked in military boots, so can't comment.

honestly, boots have come a long way over the years. you are probably better off with a good boot that is intended for hiking. Vasque, Asolo, Scarpa, Merrell, Danner are all solid brands - you really need to try them on to figure out what fits best.

August 11, 2020
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