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Lindal valve adapter for Campingaz appliances.

I have a hard time finding a reliable local source for the Campingaz canisters and I would just hate to get rid of two good lanterns that I've had for years, not to mention new lanterns are not in my budget.

So here goes:

I have two Campingaz lanterns (Bivouac 270) that use the CV 270 or 470 cartridge that I would like to convert to Lindal Valve (the lantern not the cylinders).

I understand that there is / was an adapter available to retrofit the Campingaz appliances to the Lindal Valve. Made by Markill / VauDe maybe? I know the topic was discussed on Trailspace back in 2006 and I'm just looking for some current info.

Internet searches have turned up a few sources for an adapter for the Campingaz Globe Trotter stove, which appears (?) to be a plastic coupling that attaches to the existing Campingaz fitting and has a Lindal Valve fitting on the other end. There was no mention of the Campingaz Bivouac 270 Lantern.

I was hoping to find a complete threaded metal valve assembly, like the one currently on my stove, but with a Lindal Valve fitting, not a plastic coupling.

I also think it could be possible to retrofit a Lindal Valve assembly from a discarded MSR or Brunton canister stove onto the Campingaz Lantern provided the jets match, or can be swapped out. I have experience working with gas fittings and I have the tools to mill up a threaded metal adapter if I need to.

So anyway that's what I'm thinking about, I understand full well it really wouldn't be worth the trouble for most people, but right now I have the time and I enjoy challenging projects.

Anything you guys could tell me about the commercially manufactured adapters, or if someone has already done this or knows how, I welcome your input.

....and yes I know anything I make would void the warranty, and all that.

Actually, Trout, the valve on the Gaz CV270/470 appliances is a Lindal valve, just without the threaded coupling (the Lindal valve is the inner workings, and is used on many spray cans).

The MSR SuperFly stove is made to fit either the threaded or nonthreaded version (e.g., MSR's canisters and the Gaz 270 and 470 canisters).

The Globetrotter stove (I have one) uses (used?, since you can't get the S100 and S106 canisters anymore) the small puncture-type canisters, not the Lindal valve version on the 270 and 470 canisters. The adapter you are looking at is not appropriate. The Markill adapter is to adapt the Markill stove top (which takes the industry standard thread version of the Lindal valve) to the S200 and S206 puncture-type canisters (Barbara has a Markill titanium stove top that was imported by Vaude).

Be sure which type lantern connector you are trying to attach to which type canister. Although I have 2 Gaz lanterns (one puncture type, the other 270/470), I eventually gave up and got a Primus backpacking/climbing lantern that fits the standard screw-type canisters - it works better and is more durable than the Gaz lanterns anyway.

Thanks for the clarification on the Lindal Valve Bill, I was mistaken in thinking only the threaded fittings were Lindal Valve.

I'm glad to hear you like the Primus Lanterns, I'll take a look at them as I'm probably going to get one of their stoves anyway, I like the few I've tried.

If you are ever up towards Myrtle, check out the Coleman Outlet on 501. They have 270's and 470's. They were $3.99 & 4.99 last time I was by there. I always pick up a few when I'm down that way. There is a Lodge Cast Iron outlet there too.

September 25, 2020
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