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Looking for a new tent

I had a bit of tent trouble on my Boundary Bald Mtn overnight last night (broken pole section due to wind changing and hitting the tent broadside), and...

20 replies 6 days ago
Expiration dates

while I don't generally think about these, I discarded an old bottle of potable aqua that was at least several years old.

9 replies 11 days ago
Granite Gear Crown2 60l first impressions

This is a short first impressions report of the Granite Gear Crown2 60l pack I bought 2 weeks ago. Today was the first time I took it out on the trail,...

0 replies 15 days ago
Granite Gear Crown2 60l pack on sale

This morning an ad from Backcountry showed up in my Facebook feed, with the GG Crown2 60l pack on sale for $74.64.

5 replies 21 days ago
Black Diamond silpoly tents

Black Diamond has been making the Mega Light and the Beta Light (along with the newer Mega Snow) with polyester fabric for about a year now I think.

0 replies 25 days ago
Designing and 3D Printing Outdoor Gear

I picked up a 3D printer a little over a year and a half ago and have found it to be a great addition to my shop and I've designed and printed a number...

7 replies 1 month ago
Is Aquamira overkill for a good water filter?

Heading out on a hike soon, using my venerable MSR Miniworks filter. For the sake of being cautious, I’m replacing the ceramic filter - mine still has...

13 replies 1 month ago
Who makes the best sleeping bags for broad shoulders?

I’m not talking about the special order made to fit but, my Marmot is a little too tight and I’d like a little bit larger shoulder room in my Big...

13 replies 1 month ago
Knee brace/sleeve recommendations

My current off-the-shelf knee brace (Ace brand) is pretty much on its last legs due to the Velcro on one strap not holding very securely.

8 replies 1 month ago
Mystery boots

I recently bought a pair of walking boots for my mum as I saw them in a thrift store. and I cannot find any information about them or the brand or anything...

4 replies 2 months ago
I use backpacking gear I couldn't really afford as a college student

I have returned to using my red Kelty pack, SVEA and Whisper light stoves, wear my 30 year old Pivetta and Vasque boots that still fit, use Nowegian wool...

7 replies 2 months ago
White Gas or Canister Stove, and Why?

With full disclosure, I have primarily been a white gas stove user for most of my life. Started with a MSR XGK that i still have but needs an overhaul,...

46 replies 2 months ago
A Plug for My Nephew's Gear Resale Website,

When my brother's son got near the end of college, he merged his entrepreneurial spirit with his love of the outdoors into a venture with a friend of...

2 replies 2 months ago
Sierra fraud warning

If you are a customer of Sierra Trading Post and/or other TJX Companies' brands ( TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods & HomeSense ), you need to READ the...

1 replies 2 months ago
Leukotape users - does it work?

Unseasonably warm weather here, so I’m getting back into sandals. Anyone use leukotape vs. moleskin? Does it really work better? I have a few hot spots...

9 replies 3 months ago
Eyewear For The Trail, And Beyond

Happy New Year! Every year my vision seems to degrade a little more, and my far-sightedness is rapidly calling me to wear glasses more and more during...

7 replies 3 months ago
Osprey Farpoint 55

I'm looking for some feedback on purchasing an Osprey Farpoint 55.  My background is ultralight/minimalist backpacking, but this purchase would be for...

2 replies 4 months ago
Sleeping Bag Diminishing Returns

I was recently pondering my non-winter sleeping bag, a several years-old Marmot Sawtooth down bag. Pretty basic,  weighs about 3 pounds, 650 fill power...

8 replies 4 months ago
What to buy at

Back in November I sent my TNF Mountain Tent in for repair, and last week I got an email that it was non-reparable.

4 replies 4 months ago
Preferred Discount Gear Brands

Good morning all! My name is Hayley and I've been working on the NH48 for the last couple of years.

28 replies 4 months ago
Tread Wear

I don’t rely on tread wear to tell me when to replace disposable hiking shoes. The better indicator is how they fit and feel.

7 replies 4 months ago
Any experience with Valandre jacket sizing?

My winter (real winter) parka, Eddie Bauer/first ascent peak XV, has given me good use for about ten winters.

5 replies 5 months ago
Sleeping bag liners

I’m looking for recommendations on the warmest sleeping bag liner people have used, so I can get out and camp in my NEMO Sonic 0F.

9 replies 5 months ago
Thoughts on Bluesign?

A few items I have are Bluesign certified.  Feel free to  take a few minutes to google it if you aren't yet familiar with this certification.

1 replies 5 months ago
What did you not buy today?

This is a companion thread to all the threads on gear on these boards. It is increasingly clear that consumerism is a driving force in the issue of global...

5 replies 5 months ago
Walking the dog in expedition boots

My winter trips have been shelved the last few years because my hiking/climbing partners, my sister and her husband, have been growing their business.

10 replies 5 months ago

It was time, after the COVID slowdown and everything.  The prescription wasn't hugely different from the previous one...but enough that the new glasses...

3 replies 5 months ago
Just for yucks

While surfing, I cross upon this dilly, a 3 person, 3 3/4 pound, 4 season tent!  I have no personal experience with this item, or even  touched one,...

10 replies 6 months ago
Thoughts about hard shells

I’m getting ready to review a shell I acquired relatively recently.  Need a little more cold, windy and hopefully snowy weather to fully evaluate it.

13 replies 6 months ago
Limmer Oxfords - First Look

New pair of walking/casual shoes. I have been eyeing these for a while, looking for a shoe that’s equally happy with a long day of walking or heading...

10 replies 7 months ago
Full-grain hiking boots vs. nubuck

If there's a way to search forum posts I seem to be too stupid to figure it out. The search box only pulls up gear reviews.  If there's a way to search...

6 replies 7 months ago
Identify Vintage Boots

I am new to Trailspace so this is my first Topic.  I would like to start this off with, I read an article on here called "A tale of many (vintage boots)"...

13 replies 7 months ago
Which Leather Waterproofing/Conditioner Do You Use and Why?

I recently treated a pair of leather gloves (Kinco) that arrived with a small packet of Nikwax and proclaimed they aren’t waterproofed or treated.

10 replies 8 months ago
Sizing Gone Skinny

I had some time on my hands last week & visited an outfitter in New England. Tried some things on.

9 replies 9 months ago
Trying some new energy snacks

In the interest of broadening my horizons, i'm currently comparing a couple of energy bars i have not previously tried to one which which i'm reasonably...

4 replies 9 months ago
What gadget do you need for beginner camper?

I am a beginner at the camping and i was wondering what exactly do you need for a start form gadgets? Feel free to give me any advice.

19 replies 10 months ago
Hoka One One TenNine for Pikes Peak in late September ?

Hi all, i am planning to buy Hoka One One - TenNine GTX (Goretex) for hiking Pikes Peak in late September.

1 replies 10 months ago
Tent advice

Fist a little about me, I am a complete novice when it comes to camping, I have never spent a night in a tent, so I am clueless.  During June I cook...

16 replies 10 months ago
Ultra Light Camping

Well one thing about getting older, parts of your body starts to break down.  We can no longer carry the gear that we use to when we were in our 20s.

14 replies 10 months ago
ATT: Trailspace members I want to hear from you about your mess kit and what kind of foods you make in them

Trailspace has campsite campers, backpacking campers, Truck and RV campers, long trail hikers that camp off the trails and at designated areas and mountaineering...

2 replies 11 months ago
So one of your outdoor gear breaks ... Do you throw it away or repurpose it

Leave no trace  these words can be heard from any outdoors forum But what of our own carbon footprints.  What do you do when one of your pieces of gear...

6 replies 11 months ago
Travel Luggage: What Do You Prefer?

A recent review of a 31 liter wheeled piece of travel luggage (it's worth a read,

6 replies 11 months ago
Perfect Pot...

So yeah, the perfect pot exists, if only for you. For me, it's a 660ml titanium Evernew with a slightly under-square shape and a set of long wire handles...

16 replies 11 months ago
Small diameter Kevlar cord

The stake and guyline loops on my Big Agnes tent are starting to fray where they rub against the edges of the stakes.

8 replies 11 months ago
R2R Hike

I'll be doing a canyon r2r hike in May. Was supposed to be a R2R2R, but the old knee said nope! Anywho, I've still got a few things left to pick up.

25 replies 12 months ago
Week Long Hike Wilderness Backpack - Detailed Packing List

Week Long Hike Wilderness Backpack - Detailed Packing List Watch the full video here:   In this post we want to share what we take with us for a week...

17 replies 1 year ago
Limmer Boot Inc. transitioning

I learned through a recent inquiry that Limmer Boot Inc., the entity that sells Limmer's 'stock' boots and shoes that are made by Meindl in Germany, has...

1 replies 1 year ago
Seamless compression shorts question

I get a rash on my thighs when hiking, even when wearing good compression shorts. Part of it may be the seam on the inside (inseam), that rubs when hiking.

1 replies 1 year ago
Choosing low volume Sleeping bag

Hi, I'm having trouble deciding on a sleeping bag. I intend this to be mostly for bikepacking, so the most important constraint is that it fit into my...

2 replies 1 year ago
Looking for a good Mid boot

I am looking for a good mid boot that I can wear hiking  some long or shirt miles and for trail maintenece..

11 replies 1 year ago
Suunto KB-14 360R (1980's model)

    Can anyone please help with the following as Suunto doesn't know? I have an early 1980's model KB-14 360R compass in perfect working order.

2 replies 1 year ago
What Frustrates You The Most When Hiking?

What Frustrates You The Most When Hiking? Hello I'm is Rilwan, I'm a 2nd year Product Design Student at Huddersfield.

14 replies 1 year ago
New Sleeping Bag is a Big Deal

After almost 30 years I got a new bag.  It is a synthetic bag made by Sea to Summit, rated for 25 degrees, called a Traverse.  This bag has great zippers,...

6 replies 1 year ago
Making a geo-spatial map

Sorry if this is off-topic, but not sure where to put this... My wife and I enjoy walking in the local parks and many parks provide PDF maps.

5 replies 1 year ago
What’s in our Backpack 2020 Edition - Lots of new camping and hiking gear

In this video we are going to show you what’s in our backpack for 2020 hiking season. We decided to make this video as we have quite a lot of new hiking...

5 replies 1 year ago
Boots with Wide Toe Box

Hello all, I have an older pair of Keen mid-cut's that have been using for years are in desperate need of replacement.

4 replies 1 year ago
Lounge Wear...

Who out there purposely purchases gear with it's in-house applicability in mind? I'm wearing a pair of Patagonia's Mix Master pants around the house right...

14 replies 1 year ago
Dyneema tent reviews NEEDED

There are a lot of Dyneema backpacking tents on the market. Yes, they are all pretty pricey so I understand why many, including myself, do not own them. ...

31 replies 1 year ago
Mountain Laurel Designs Supermid

I am considering getting the Mountain Laurel Designs Supermid. It's a very lightweight 26 ounce tent.

7 replies 1 year ago
Keen Revives An Old/Good Design in its Zerraport II

This isn't exactly news - I'm pretty sure this rolled out for last summer, when I was running another Keen sandal, the Solr, through its paces - I like...

1 replies 1 year ago
Down jacket selection

Hey everyone, Ran into this web page last night when researching down jackets. I found a really great thread and realized I should probably just post...

32 replies 1 year ago
Help Selecting Long John Bottoms

I have a problem finding long johns with a long enough rise, which is the distance from the waist band to the crotch.  When I sit down, there isn't enough...

10 replies 1 year ago
Marmot Thor versus The North Face Ve 25

Pro and Con Which to choose?  I would appreciate input,

5 replies 1 year ago
Meindl Venediger boot

Does anyone know anything about these boots? Plenty for sale out of Germany on Ebay. Supposedly a Dutch army boot.

13 replies 1 year ago
Raincover for my pack

I have a REI Flash Pack 65 and need a raincover for it.  What size raincover do I purchase?

4 replies 1 year ago
+5 C° comfort temperature sleeping bag

Hi there!I would like to buy a new sleeping bag that has a comfort temperature of circa +5 C°. After doing some research, the brand Mountain Hardwear...

14 replies 1 year ago
Beginner looking for a budget friendly backpack.

My girlfriend and I have been invited to hike isle royal this coming summer and are looking to purchase some new equipment, starting with backpacks.

13 replies 1 year ago
How to keep electronics charged when hiking - SUAOKI 25W 3 years test and review

How to be energy efficient and keep electronics charged when hiking | SUAOKI 25W 3 years test and Review Watch the full video here:   This video is...

5 replies 1 year ago
Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 w/hood - for less?

about six years ago, I bought a mountain hardwear ghost whisperer w/hood for about $250. It has been one of my favorites, an warm yet very lightweight...

0 replies 1 year ago
Hiking GPS

I currently have car and motorcycle Garmin GPS's, now I want one for hiking and walking.My walking is mainly in the US and is split between urban valleys...

0 replies 1 year ago
State Park Weather Resistant Tent

I would appreciate recommendations for a tent that would stand up to the weather, have room for two cots and set up without too much strain.

7 replies 1 year ago
Tent Review: North Face Talus 3 DO NOT BUY

I know which tent definitely NOT to recommend:The North Face Talus 3 tent.I'm about to start a 1 year trip and wanted to buy a good tent.

4 replies 2 years ago
Duffel bags - Post-holiday sale, Gregory outlet website

I have been fishing for a new large duffel bag for travel and for shipping my large backpack.  After 25 years, the extra large LL Bean duffel I have...

1 replies 2 years ago
Base Layers for the coldest climates

As a guide I am often ask what my favourite brand is  when buying a new piece of gear. I tell them brand come in at #4 in my decision making. So I am...

10 replies 2 years ago

Have two down sleeping bags" 1. 3 SEASON-> 30 F. Western Mountaineering Megalite 850 fill (factory overstuffed to 20 F.) 2.

11 replies 2 years ago
Do I need a winter bag or can i combine what i already have?

Hey everyone! So i've been backpacking for quite some time, but never winter backpacking which is something i want to get into.

23 replies 2 years ago
Moosejaw Deals

Moosejaw discounts. On top of already great Black Friday discounts. Use Rakuten to get 9% cash back on purchase.

0 replies 2 years ago
Deuter: sleeping bags vs backpacks

Greetings hiker! :) I have Deuter backpacks since many years and I really appreciate the attention to details, great care and passion they put in each...

0 replies 2 years ago
Very comfortable and lightweight hiking shoes review KIPRUN TRAIL KALENJI TR and KALENJI EVADICT XT7

Watch the full video here: In this video we are going to share with you the review of two trail running shoes that we have been wearing for the last...

2 replies 2 years ago
This guy owns Virtika...hard to believe

4 replies 2 years ago
Discontinued product and color discount hunting

one of my favorite gear-related 'hacks' when i'm in the market to replace things.  it's particularly good for clothing, not so effective for tents &...

2 replies 2 years ago
Recommendation for a touring bike under $1000

Hello bikers!I'm seeking recommendation for a touring bike that will feature a comfortable upright position with an elongated handlebar.

7 replies 2 years ago
Gear Advice for youth...

I have 2 girls (9 and 12) the 9 year old is small for her age and the 12 year old is tall for her age (go figure)60lbs and 90lbs.

6 replies 2 years ago
New BA(hons) student

Hey guys, im in my first year of uni studying product design and I'm sure you can all understand its extremely hard to get any sort of feed back these...

2 replies 2 years ago
Camp Trails Pack

 Can someone please tell me what model and age this pack is?

19 replies 2 years ago
Bear Canister Regular Use?

I can barely :) believe it...a few years ago if you had asked me when I carried a bear canister, it would only have been in areas where it was required. ...

8 replies 2 years ago

After ten very good years, we decided to replace our Ford Explorer.  It was the first Explorer with the body style similar to today’s vehicle after...

3 replies 2 years ago
Worst gear ever?

Does anyone else ever giggle whenever there is yet ANOTER one-star or zero-star review of TNF Chilkat boots? As far as major outdoor bands go, (Ozark...

39 replies 2 years ago
Garmin ransomware attack

I use a Garmin wrist device (Forerunner 245) to track mileage, workouts, etc. When I noted the app was 'down for maintenance' a long time this morning,...

5 replies 2 years ago
Old fleece

Interesting article in Outside about The North Face's Denali fleece and fleece mid-layers generally.

6 replies 2 years ago
Choosing a knife for hiking and backpacking.

I'm a bit of a collector.  I'm not even sure how many knives I have, but certainly over two dozen.  Always looking for the next "ideal" knife for hiking...

41 replies 2 years ago
Lightweight tent for 1 person with two dogs

Hi all, I currently own a two person tunnel tent (so with a tapering ending) to use for trekking with my 44 lbs dog.

6 replies 2 years ago
Hiking Pole Supported Tents & a tip

I now own my 2nd hiking pole supported tent, a Tarptent Notch Li. The first was a 2005 Tarptent Contrail, long ago sold.  So...Tarptent now has optional...

14 replies 2 years ago
packs that double as commuter/travel bags

this topic has been on my mind due to a recent review, and our son just purchased a pack he plans to use for urban commuting and possibly traveling as...

1 replies 2 years ago
Anyone own a FireMaple Blade 2 canister stove?

i recently ordered a Fire Maple Blade 2 remote canister stove for my two grandsons. It is much more stable than my CRUX canister-top stove.

0 replies 2 years ago
Mylar emergency bivvy

I am wondering if anyone has tried using one of these on the outside of your sleeping bag. In order to create a vapour barrier.

5 replies 2 years ago
Favorite flip flops?

Currently have two contenders - Chaco flip ecotread and Scott Hawaii Makahas. Have owned and worn both for years.

9 replies 2 years ago
Warm weather tights

Curious to hear other folks' experience hiking in warm weather using tights with shorts or other over the top.

12 replies 2 years ago
Extreme Cold Weather Gear - Part II

** Merry Christmas All ** This is a continuation of Nick Horner's original thread by the same name.

14 replies 2 years ago
Tent Stakes- Let’s See What You’re Working With!

Not all stakes are created equal! What stake/combo are you using, and why? 

18 replies 2 years ago
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