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1:47 a.m. on October 14, 2011 (EDT)
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Hi Trailspace folks! 

So I have decided that I want to make, or maybe buy, a 3 person tent / tarp / shelter for next years camping season.   This would be a 3 season tent at most.

Here is what I would like in the tent.

  1. Big enough to fit me and my two kids and maybe our packs.  It would need to be at least 70" wide and probably 90" long, give or take. 
  2. It needs to have build in bug netting, tub floor, and waterproof top.  Most likely a single wall tent. 
  3. Use just 2 hiking poles to support the top.  Ok this may be un-doable, but I would like to have a minim of other poles. 
  4. Be able to sit up inside the tent, so close to 4' of head room, at least on one end.
  5. Strong enough to handle high winds and rain soaking storms, I do live in the PNW!  It rains a lot here.
  6. Oh yea and easy to sew!  :)

So what I am asking from you folks is any ideas, websites, pictures, designs, etc. that could help me in getting this going.  I will probably make it out of Silnylon, mesh, and something maybe a little heaver for the floor. 

Designs, mockups, and testing will be done with blue tarps or the like until I get all the bugs worked out.  I will probably end up "Copying" someone else design as I don't think I can come up with a new design, but I like the basic A frame style, with some kind of extra protection at the back and a BIG vestibule in the front, something you could cook in if needed. 

So all you hikers out there give a guy a hand and flood me with ideas!!

Thanks, Wolfman

June 24, 2018
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