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Zpacks Exo pack frame issues?

I was doing a little looking around for reviews on the Exo and on Whiteblaze, read a few recent comments about the carbon fiber frame breaking on this pack.  Any first hand usage?  I was looking down the road for a lighter gear setup for when I pull the trigger on UL gear.  My current pack weight, loaded with 2 quarts of water, bear canister and 8 days of food is around 30-31 lbs., would love to drop 3-4 lbs, bringing less water would help, a quilt will only save me 4-5 oz.


Have you looked into ULA packs?

I'm looking for something really light.  It's been a few years since I got my SMD Starlight when I checked out their packs.



Sorry no information on the Zpack, but man if you can get to 31 pounds with 8 days of food and four pounds of water……that’s pretty impressive! Surely not much room for improvement on that?

I can't imagine you'll find something that is both incredibly light and that can handle 31LBs.  I'm sure there are those who can tough it out or can manipulate the load so it is less of a burden on their back, but in general, it's a lot of weight to be altered by tiny carbon rods.  This is where a couple extra pounds of pack, in a complex suspension system, would prove to be worth the weight.  You probably already know that.  Sounds like you know your stuff.  Just think you're up there in a weight class that demands a suspension system more than the adherence to a philosophy.

Zeno Marx, the ZPack Exo is rated to carry 30 lbs though.  I'd have a tad less if I used it.  I wish I could get to sul, but it will be hard enough to get to ul.


I wonder if they looped a single rod, like the old Ospreys did, and then the bottom of the rods tensioning into the belt, like the Dana Design externals did with the fiberglass rods, would help the load capacity.

The latest issue of Backpacker mag tested it and liked it.  The feedback over at has been good.

Personally, I would be looking at Hyperlite Mountain Gear for the Windrider or the Porter.  I have a Porter and it is the best UL pack I have ever used.

I will be posting a full review soon.

Thank you Family Guy.  Some of the initials I have a hard time remembering that folks post.  No hurry, resisting further help to the economy. I spent my bonus on stoves this last year.


December 5, 2020
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