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Hats - what's your favorite?

So, since my hairline has begun to recede, I've become more aware of the importance of wearing hats.  My scalp gets sunburnt easily, and the sweat that used to be wicked away by my lustrous curls now ends up stinging my eyes.

So - my solution these days is to put a bandanna under my trusty Trailspace hat by Headsweats.

It looks a bit goofy though, and lately I've wondered about getting a Tilley hat.  Colin Fletcher raved about them and I've heard good things.

So - what's your favorite hat combo for summer trail use?

I wear any one of the Tilley line that fit's my needs (and they have many models) during the spring and summer. The only time I don't wear a Tilley is in the winter when I need a waterproof hat or when its really cold. For wet winter conditions I wear a 100% oiled cotton (so you still think there is no use for cotton items in the backcountry, wrong) Tilley shaped hat that has vents in the top (like the tilley), made in New Zealand and marketed by Eddie Bauer. I was lucky enough to find this hat at the food will Goodwill for $3.99. For very cold weather if I don't have a coat with a down hood I wear a leather Aviators style cap with ear vents. You can save a lot of many by buying your Tilley hat of off Ebay once you know your hat size is. Back in the day when Ebay was fun and everything was cheap I bought around 10 hats for $9.00 each. I should have a life time supply.


My oiled cotton       The very used Tilley    Part of the Tilley stash

                                Leather Aviators style cap

The oiled cotton hat.  Though you can't see it, like the Tilley, it has a chin strap/string.



My very well used blue Tilley.  I've sent three back for replacements as Tilley has a lifetime warranty and will replace any hat the is unwearable for any reason.  The will also give you half of if you lose your hat or it's stolen.
Notice the double chin string.  Loop one under your chin and one to the back of the head and no matter how strong a wind you will not lose your hat. A chin strap/string is a must on any hat.


My very favorite of caps

Being my favorite head covering it has a myriad of adjustments.



This cap as never let me down in the twenty five years I've owned it.  As the cap is lined it has always kept my head warm and it has never soaked thru even after days of driving rain on my motorcycle.  I hope to be buried with it to keep my head warm in the after life.

A cheap Dark Side of the Moon beanie. Think Pink Floyd :) In the winter. Summer none.


I have three hats: My trailspace ballcap, a camo military style brimmed hat that I bought in Alaska (says Alaska on its front top and around the sides,souvenior) and a soft cowboy hat made from light woven grass.

I have a Banana Republic ranger hat (not sure if it is an Aussie or South African style; and appear to sell for $50-60 on eBay; never throw out stuff, because it is probably worth something) that buttons up to one side and is stitched every 1/4" throughout the hat and made of 100% cotton.  It isn't light.  It's from back when Banana Republic sold really nice, tough clothing (mid-80s?).  I love it.  I like the lightweight Columbia hats, but I always take my BR instead.  Also have a couple of high-tech, UL baseball hats, but those get left at home as well.

I have five that are dependent on conditions.

A mesh ball cap, full mesh except the brim, black.

A full (small) brimmed sun hat, camouflage.

A helmet with slide down visor.

A balaclava, fleece inside, neoprene (insulating/waterproof) rubber exterior.

A insect mesh hat over throw. 

I've got a white Tilley, not sure what model-the original style as far as I know. In my avatar, I'm wearing a baseball hat, which I often wear. In cold weather, I also wear a Turtlefur beanie or balaclava; I have a couple of different beanies and balaclavas, including my new Trailspace beanie. I also bought one of those Russian fur hats, but that's more of a novelty, than anything else.


I have found the perfect hat for you...


I want one.... and yes I am weird like that. 

Trailspace has got a beanie? I would wear that.

Rick, OMG. I want it.


Best hat EVER... I prefer a different color, but summer tighten down the strap which allows the mesh interior lots of breathing room, winter loosen to hold in can even eat in the snow and rain and keep your munchies dry.
Until I find the wolf want it! 

I use a desert camo boonie hat or one of my baseball caps. Winter I use a felt beenie.

white tilley hat; synthetic ballcap (trailspace one and a similar one from REI).  alternatively, i smear sunblock directly onto my scalp to avoided the dreaded under-the-hair sunburn. 

Princess Carol said:

Until I find the wolf want it! 

 For those that like that hat(I am really getting one because if ya meet m,e in person you will know I am a goof and like to make people smile.)

Here is a link for that hat.

Rick-Pittsburgh said:


I have found the perfect hat for you...


I want one.... and yes I am weird like that. 

  This should be on your avatar pic

Callahan said:

Rick-Pittsburgh said:


I have found the perfect hat for you...


I want one.... and yes I am weird like that. 

  This should be on your avatar pic

It will be as soon as I get one. ;)

For now would this do?


Or this?(I have worn this one on the trail)

Rick, OMG. I want it.


I bet your pooch would love it. ;)

Okay, in all seriousness here goes my list of headwear:


  • Trailspace Runners cap(very nice in hot, humid temps)

  • OR Radar Pocket Cap(reviewed)

...or a bandana.


  • OR Prismatic Cap(reviewed/pretty flexible)

  • Trailspace Ibex Zepher Skull Cap(I really like this thing alot)


  • Trailspace Ibex Zepher Skull Cap(pretty flexible temp wise)
  • OR Prismatic with ear flaps attached
  • MH Dome Perignon(don't even consider it if it is not 32F or colder; this thing is a freaking over.)

The MH Dome is a bit oversized so I can combine it with a balaclava for sub 0 trips.

Thanks Rick! Now if you see one of these vicious wolves coming at you along the trail.... it just might be me....don't shoot ;)

yeah that bunny rabbit one looks scary

The one you see in my avatar photo.

It was originally a Delaware State Trooper's hat.   Given to me by my best friend, a former State Trooper.

I reformed the 'regulation flat' brim to what you see now.   It is oooooold (almost as old as I am).  Pre-dates the 'Indiana Jones' and 'Crocodile Dundee' hoopla / hype.  

 Wore it yesterday, on early AM hike here in Southern Maryland.   Ticks.   They fall out of trees, and land on unsuspecting scalps.   Great sun bonnet, also.   Has slits for chin-strap that was integral with the head-band; but,  that fell apart years ago, and I replaced it with a thick leather band, fashioned by a leather-worker friend.  

Some-sort of hemp weave.   Looser weave than high-endy Panama hats, but amazingly durable.   This hat has seen it all:   sun, dust, wind, rain, sleet, snow.   'Takes a lickin' ... keeps on tickin'  (like its owner).

My other hat-of-choice, is a tweed "newsboy" hat.   Must be some sort of iconic headwear, as most of the locals identify me with it, along with the above hat.  I almost go unrecognized without these hats.

I have a full head of hair ... soooo, no need to use it for covering a bald pate.

Other than these two, I occasionally wear a leather surf-fisherman's cap with the obligatory long brim, a waxed-cotton Filson cap (water-resistant), and a crappy, old "Atlantis" Gore-Tex foul-weather sailing cap. 

                                   ~ r2 ~

Lowe Alpine Gortex Mountain Cap for the really cold stuff. late fall snow, rain and cold get my Crushed wool felt cap. Columbia Bora Bora Booney in the warmer seasons. Trail Space cap is my go-to for trail runs...

Baseball cap. Works anytime, anywhere, and you won't look like a scoob.


Stetson crushable “Lonesome Trail”

A very good hat but maybe a bit warm for those of ya in hotter climates.



    I am going bald these days, and so I often carry a second warmer hat for cold days and for sleeping in.

I dunno what you might call such a hat but it’s fleece lined, covers the ears and is very warm. Also fits under my cycling helmet.



May 10, 2021
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