Old Backpacking catalogs

10:45 a.m. on June 22, 2012 (EDT)
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Added the last of the catalog covers except for 100+ REI catalogs. Done for now. Someday I'll do a better job with the photos and organize them alphabetically.

 Just wanted to share with the old timers. Can't link to my Picasa page from here so you'll have to search Old Backpacking catalogs to find the link.


11:37 p.m. on June 22, 2012 (EDT)
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You need Stephensons Warmlite Catalogs from the 60's.  They were/are naturalist and expect everyone else to be - or at least enjoy the skin. 

The catalog was in GREAT demand and must be a collector's item someplace.

I remember a discussion in college that the model was great but she was standing in front of the tent blocking a good view.

11:47 p.m. on June 22, 2012 (EDT)
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Thanks Scott.

12:05 a.m. on June 23, 2012 (EDT)
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I have a recent catalog from Stephenson's and there still are quite a few photos in it from back in the day(minus clothing.)

9:44 a.m. on June 23, 2012 (EDT)
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 The early Stephenson's Warmlite catalog and the supplements are there in the 3rd from the last set. Instead of issuing new catalogs each year they would just print a supplemental insert along with a new price sheet. Their current catalog still contains a few of the old photos from back in the day.

9:47 p.m. on June 23, 2012 (EDT)
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I'm still willing to help with any scanning necessary to get the entire catalogs online.  Not a scam so I can steal your collection, either.  I appreciate what you've done.  Truly.  Would love to see all of this documented and archived throughout the gear hound community.  a lot more likely they'll survive if 100 people have them on their hard drives than if only the originals exist.

I've done all kinds of searches and cannot find them.  Even if the URL doesn't hyperlink, just having it in text so we can copy/paste would be really handy.

2:09 p.m. on June 24, 2012 (EDT)
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Thanks for the offer to scan, but the issue of copyright exists.

Here's the address;


4:47 p.m. on June 29, 2012 (EDT)
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Wow!  Good display and collection.  It has been a decade since I tossed all of my Holubar catalogs from the 50/60's.  Too bad!  I knew then that somebody would be interested... ah well.

November 21, 2019
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