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nemo tents

have any of you used one?

my father in law just ordered the meta 1p.  i am looking at the 2p.

I just finished my first trip and want to look at a lighter tent.  these look like a decent  option.

the reviews look good enough.

I have the meta 2p, and while I was using it full time I really liked it. I have since switched to a hammock setup.

All in all it's a great tent, setup can be quirky at times when tensioning the tent. I found use a different tent stake style(shepherd hook) for the two main tension lines to work the best to prevent the ring from poping off the stake.

I still use it, as does my wife and I am very satisfied with it. I would buy it again. If you already carry trekking poles it's a great tent, there are better options if you don't normally carry trekking poles.

I don't carry trekking poles.

Check out Henry Shire's Stratospire Tarptent.

If you don't carry trekking poles then the Nemo Meta series is not for you. They are after all , trekking pole tents. They make plenty of other tents, but it makes no sense to buy a trekking pole tent when you don't use trekking poles...


I have the Nemo Obi 2.  Love it!  It's supposed to be a lightweight two-person tent, but it's really a roomy one-person tent - unless you and the other person REALLY like each other, that is.  I've used it for two seasons now.  No flaws whatsoever - except maybe for the bright green color.

Here's a link to some photos over on my Flickr site:

I've used both Morphos (1P, 2P) in a variety of conditions, including some for which they were not intended. The tents are well thought out and made well. These two being single walled tents of non breathable material, they will have condensation issues in cold, high humidity situations. They are very roomy, and thanks to the inflatable feature, compress well and go up easily. I tend to prefer double wall tents, or breathable single wall, but these tents manage the condensation issue better than other single wall non breathable tents I have used(MSR, BD).

I would concur that Henry Shires Tarptents are superior in every way to the Meta 1 and 2.

Regarding the Meta 1, it is really short. The 100 inch length is first measured from the outside (Nemo is notorious for this) and then the sloping walls takes away a lot of usable length. In fact, if you are under 5'8" you will just fit on a 2" inflatable pad. But your sleeping bag will touch and given it is a single walled shelter, you will have to deal with some condensation. Now each end of the tent can be guyed out to tallish sticks to pull the end fabric out and away from your feet and head, but that requires guy line and pegs not included with the tent. It also won't stay like that in windy conditions.

Recently the Meta 1 was going for very good prices. Mostly because the product wasn't selling. Regardless, Nemo is completely redoing their 1 person trekking pole tent to bypass these significant shortcomings. I recommend waiting or looking at Tarptent.

Family Guy nailed it. 

I've owned the Meta 2p and my initial impression of it was great. However, with a slanted single-wall just inches above your face on a neoAir (I'm 5'11") and a rainy and humid night, condensation will cause a lot of stress. I wanted so much for this tent to work, but there is no point in keeping a tent that risks getting your sleeping bag wet, especially if it is down. This would be the perfect trekking pole tent in dry climates though.

I just recently switched over to the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2. It is only 1 more ounce than the Meta 2p (packaged weight) at 3lb 7oz. A lot more head room and a well ventilated double wall design reduces the risk of raining inside.

Nemo tents are vey well engineered though. I have endured some intense downpours in the Losi 3p, including a night where 4 of us had to pile in there.

I'm very curious to see what they come up with next!

October 24, 2020
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