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La Sportiva Pamir...

Any thoughts or feedback on this boot/manufacturer?


                 (photo courtesy of La Sportiva)

Manufacturer's page:

I am really trying hard to stay away from gtx or any other membrane liner for that matter and this boot has caught my attention. 

Plus it is leather lined with a rand which should be great for the terrain here in Rocksylvania.

Thanks in advance everyone. 

Re: La Sprotiva Pamir...

I've had 3 pairs of Sportiva's high end leather boots over the last 15+ years and have always been impressed.  They break in quickly and easily and are very comfortable.  They are completely dry as long as you maintain the upper, which holds grease very well.  I have a wider than average higher volume foot.  The weakness I'd say has been the soles wearing out long before the phenomenal uppers.  I get ample life out of them, 3 pairs over 15+ years and counting, but just not as much as the uppers are capable of. I believe a little longevity is sacrificed for comfort in the sole, which is worth it in my opinion.   I don't think they can be resoled, but if they can I'm a little upset with myself.  

Currently I wear their Glacier WLF boot and it continues to impress.  I have warm feet and only use them in cold weather so I can't attest to the breathability of the Perwanger upper when conditions and feet are hot and sweaty.  Also I have never had the need to contact the Sportiva factory so I have no knowledge of the quality of their customer service.

Re: La Sprotiva Pamir...

MoZee said:

I don't think they can be resoled, but if they can I'm a little upset with myself.

MoZee, if you go to the "Dealers" link at the top of the page Cobblers will be in the drop down: 

I also confirmed this via conversation with LaSportiva directly. 

October 1, 2020
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