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question about columbia/stoic sleeping bags

hi all! this is my first post here.

i've been checking out sleeping bags for my upcoming trek in nepal and i've narrowed it down to these 2 options:

columbia moonstone 15f (800 fill down)

stoic somnus 15f (850 fill down)

(for some reason i can't post links to them)

they have similar specs and i can get either of them at around the same price (about $250).

my question is: is one significantly better than the other? i'm specifically worried about the columbia bag which has virtually no reviews anywhere.

thanks very much for any help!

I have a Stoic Somnus 15 degree sleeping bag and posted a review on it here:

I have been very happy with the bag, and find it is a good value for the money.  Also, it will compress down into a one size smaller stuff sack than the stuff sack that comes with the bag from Backcoutry.  Since my review, I've replaced the orginal stuff sack with a sil-nylon version that's just a bit smaller.

You should be happy with the Stoic bag on your trip.  I don't know anyting about the Columbia bag.


Hey mike, thanks for the helpful reply! Could you perhaps recall the dimensions/volume of the compression sack that you use?

It's a medium granite gear. 

I actually own the Columbia Moonstone 32.  I'm taking it on its maiden voyage this weekend camping close to 10k.  Like the 15 degree version, it contains 800FP down but a lot less loft/down of course.

Testing it in the backyard on 60 degree nights, I found it very warm.  The real test will be this weekend and an official review of it next week.

hey mangus,

i eventually opted for the moonstone bag, but its going to be a while before i can test it. i'd love to hear your thoughts after you test yours, specifically about the omni-heat lining.

December 4, 2020
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