tarptent double rainbow vs msr hubba hubba

10:52 a.m. on August 27, 2013 (EDT)
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i'm currently in the market for a new tent for me + my wife and am eying the tarptent double rainbow and the msr hubba hubba. two pretty different tents. lower weight is a big plus, but i am a mosquito magnet and am concerned the tarptent a.) will be hard to keep out the buggers b.) be less comfortable than the msr hubba hubba 3.) not be as effective in keeping dry 4.) topple over in windy conditions.

anyone with experience with one or the other able to chime in?

6:27 p.m. on August 27, 2013 (EDT)
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a) bugs

All Tarptents are fully enclosed (bug proof) when the door/s is zipped up, same as with the HH.

This is the DR open. the clear bit under the fly is the mesh door.


b) comfort.

Here are the dimensions :



the HH has larger vestibules, the DR is  larger inside (wider/taller)but the HH may have a bit more headroom when laying down (hub spread). If you are afraid of brushing your head against a potentially wet fly ,there is a liner for the DR that covers the top area, pretty much the non mesh area. Add about 5 oz for that. (I have the Moment that takes it, I don't use it...)

c) not as effective in keeping things dry 

Not sure about that, as in why ?. 

One nice feature with the DR (if you use trekking poles or have a bush or trees nearby) is that you can set up the "rain curtain" so you van have the shelter opened up in the rain.


d) topple over in the wind.

There are 4 guyout points in the DR. Two on the main pole and two on the cross apex strut so it can be guyout covering the 4 cardinal points. You can also put trekking poles under the end of the cross strut to re-enforce the guyout line there.


This is my YouTube clip on the DR :


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