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Upgrading from ENO to HH

Hey, y'all.

The more I find myself loving hammock camping, the more faults I find in my current ENO setup.

First things first? Weight.

Here's how it breaks down, piece by piece:

ENO DoubleNest: 22 oz

ENO Atlas Straps: 22 oz (11 oz each)

ENO Guardian Bug Net: 16 oz

ENO ProFly Tarp: 22 oz

This puts my total weight at 5.125 pounds.

HEAVIER than the solo tent I started backpacking to begin with. Beyond that, it's not the most packable system. Sure, it packs down to the size of a grapefruit, but you can only fit so much citrus inside a 35L pack!

The bug net alone is a deal-breaker, has to be tied to its own line, and that line is hung outside the hammock and doesn't allow the same versatility a structural ridge line would.

More likely than not returning it back to REI tomorrow for some store credit, tossing in some Christmas bonus money, and with their powers combined...buying myself a Hennessey.

Trouble is, which one?

I'm JUST shy of 6' tall. I've read a review written on the Hyperlight by someone my height, and while he says the fit is tight, he does fit.

Just wondering if the weight in buying one of their larger models is justified.

If I can comfortably fit inside a regular sized model, I don't mind it. But if I'm going to be crammed in there, I'll carry a few more ounces so I can sleep comfortably. Do note that I'm a side or stomach sleeper, and never in my life have slept on my back without being heavily medicated and/or being treated for something in a hospital.

Specifically, the models I'm looking at are the:

1.) Hyperlight

2.) Explorer UL Asym Zip.

Any and all advice comes much appreciated.

Though I'm making the returns tomorrow, I'll likely have to buy the HH online (they don't carry the higher-end ones in the stores around me).

Eric...the Warbonnet Blackbird hammock is designed for side-sleepers's Shug's take on it:

Eric, my best advice would be to buy yourself a WBBB from warbonnet outdoors and be done with it. Hands down IMO the best hammock on the market.

There are a few blackbird options to choose from. I have a 1.7dbl layer, so for the hammock (built in bug net) and the webbing suspension it weighs 38oz. You can get a little lighter suspension but i like the webbing and cinch buckles. Based on what version of the blackbird you get it will weigh between 20-40oz. Then just add in a tarp and your good to go. Your existing tarp may work fine for you, but warbonnet sells some very nice ones too. I have they Superfly tarp and love it. The doors come in quite handy in bad storms. If I remember correctly the superfly weighs like 18 oz. My entire setup weighs 60oz (hammock,tarp, and tarp suspension). I could go with a lighter version of the wbbb and a smaller tarp and probably get down to 45oz or so if i wanted... but i Am REALLY happy with this setup. I made the switch to hammocks and never looked back.

I an a side and stomach sleeper at home, and can side sleep just fine in the wbbb, but i find it so comfortable that after a little getting used to it i can sleep on myback like a baby. I am plagued with back problems due to some injuries while in the service. It did take a little getting used to, but I now prefer to sleep on my back in the hammock. Still cant sleep on my back anywhere else though. If you are wanting to sleep on your stomach in a hammock I would look into a bridge hammock. I am able to sleep on my stomach in the blackbird, but its much more comfortable on my side or back.

Use that REI money for something else.

The more research I do, the more reasons I wind up talking myself out of the HH. Then I wind up with another hammock to sell or return (and another lesson learned) before having to upgrade to another.

As exciting as it is to have new gear, think it's at the point where the process of exchanging and seller gear is tiring me out. Really would like a solid system I can settle into and be done with it.

Finding out quickly that "ultralight" and "lightweight" usually come at the cost of making the hammock smaller and shorter.

While I'm not a big guy (150 lbs), I'm fairly tall (6'), and I don't want to cram myself into an uncomfortably small hammock, especially if I'm only sleeping on my back or stomach.

Also not too fond of the "take it or leave it" spectra cord suspension.

Though ENO's Atlas Straps are heavy (22 oz for the pair), they're built like tanks and take seconds to hang. Stupid simple.

For my weight and height, it looks like the WBBB 1.7 is the one.

Agreed, too, Ken - would prefer the webbing and cinch buckles.

Actually slept on my stomach and side both fine in the ENO (even on my first night out). 

I don't mind the ENO ProFly: the line locks on the sides/ridge line are really great features. It's just a little small, and the cat cut means I can't ever truly take it to the ground. Will have to do some research to see how compatible it is with a WBBB.

For right now, I'll just stick with the 'ol ENO and hang onto it once I can order a WBBB: may be a nice way to get my girlfriend into hammock camping and be done, once and for all, with ground-dwelling.

Since it's cool here in IL until April or May, it's not like I'll have to lug the 16 oz bug net along with me.

The WBBB is made for someone 6'0" , I am 5'11 and find I have PLENTY of room, however, they do have a new model of the blackbird the XLC which is made for someone 7'0 and also has removeable bug netting(the regular blackbird's bug netting is permenantly attached).

An 11ft tarp(the warbonnet standard ridgeline length gives you 15-16in of tarp overlap on each end of a blackbird hammock or 11in overlap for a XLC.

Your profly would give 12-13in and 8in overlap respectively, which would work fine. Its really the width of the profly that turns me off of it. 6'4 IMO is really narrow for anything other than a fair weather summer tarp.

The Warbonnet Superfly is 11x10, and is a literal palace of room. Your profly in comparison is 10'6 x6'4. Which would cover a WBBB but is more minimal in nature and similar to for example a Warbonnet Edge 11 x7'10. You may find yourself wishing for a bigger tarp, at least I would. And this doesnt really have any referene to the type of hammock your using. I would find the eno profly tarp a bit too minimalist for me. Lets face it, you only really need the tarp for two reasons, to cut wind, and keep you dry when it rains or snows. I love nothing more than me and the friends that are with me on a trip to be able to hang out under my tarp with plenty of room to move around, cook, and do whatever if the weather is foul. Even if i was using your ENO hammock I would want a bigger tarp regardless.

You can put cord lock adjustments on any tarp with super ease if thats the main feature you like about it. Takes only a matter of seconds. Not that i really see the need for them, Its super easy to tension a tarp without them.

The warbonnet webbing and cinch buckles are just as easy to use as the atlas straps. the webbing and buckles are attached to the hammock, and the end of the webbing has a loop for you to put a carabiner. Look webbing aroud tree and attach biner to the webbing. Pull tag end of webbing at cinch buckle to tighten. I can have my hammock up and ready to use in about a minute and a half if not faster, including the time it takes to get it out of my pack.

Just my 2 cents

EDIT: Wow! i just saw the price on that ENO profly tarp...that is ridicuously expensive for that size tarp($149.95). A Superfly is only $130!. The Edge is only 85!


Was thinking the 1.7 because I'm just a little too heavy for the 1.1. That sound about right?

I'm 5' 11" and change - just shy of 6'.

If it fits you, Ken, I'm sure it'd be just fine for me. 

So, yeah. That tarp.

The ProFly I own was $80 from REI - you probably saw the sil-ny version?

If you take a look at my TR from Forest Glen Preserve, you'll see how low I had to pitch the setup to make a usable dry space beneath it. Even then, I had to make small walls from fallen leaves to make up the difference between the ground and the cat-cut bottom edge.

It's a small tarp, no doubt about it. 

One of the main reasons I dumped tenting was cooking and living space. Actually found myself sitting under a friend's hammock, cooking my dinner, as my tent sat useless until it was bedtime. After that, I was done tenting.

Webbing and buckles sound more my style than fiddling with spectra line. 

Again - another selling point. I've never been able to pitch a tent as quickly as I can set up a hammock. And the easier and quicker it is, the better.

Looks like the lead time on the WBBB is 2-3 weeks right now. Is it usually this long? Longer? If now's the time of year to put an order in, I'd want to as soon as I was able.

Guess I'll hang onto the ENO. While a little heavy for UL backpacking, it isn't a bad idea for car camping. I do like the fact that I can use it with or without a bug net, and can stow it in a day pack to take with on day hikes.

Got the ENO originally because I'd a lot of tenting and car camping items I barely used (or didn't use at all) and was limited to what REI carried (since I was refunded with merchandise credit).

ENO was stupid simple, and the HH hammocks required a little more knowledge and experience than I had at the time.

In my experience the Warbonnet lead time is usually a few weeks.  But it can get longer at times. My hammock shipped immediately because it was a "cosmetic blemish" he had in stock, and my Superfly took about 3-4 weeks if i remember correctly. Its just a guy(Brandon) and I think one other seamstress that hand make everything in Colorado. Its really top notch workmanship and quality.

You can also keep an eye on the classifieds on , you may luck out and be able to snag up a used one for a little cheaper.

Yeah the 1.7 is good for most people. I have a 1.7 double simply because i originally didnt have quilts when i got into hammocking and was using a sleeping pad. I may one day change, but for now see no need to.

Yeah i was looking at the silnylon profly. If they were charging that much for a PU tarp I might have a heart attack lol!


I have had both (Warbonnet & Hennessey) and I prefer the Warbonnet Blackbird for it's design features.

Double bottom

Gear shelf

Foot box


January 21, 2021
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