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the hats I wear more than any other.  I decided to do a series of reviews of the beanies in my hat pile.  enjoy. 

for discussion: what do you think makes a good beanie? do you prefer some beanies for some things but not others? do you own a number of them? if so, why?

By beanie, do you mean hat, or is a beanie something different?

I have a few hats, just different ball cap style ones from different places I have been with their logo on them as well as my "wear most of the time"  Trailspace hat. I also have a military style hat with a brim all the way around that I got in Alaska on my 2006 bicycle tour.

My only other "hat" is a balaclava for cold weather.

I'm currently using a down beanie from Black Rock. Review coming soon!

"a good beanie", you ask?

like my old school TNF that is no longer made? :(

my right-hand man, my one & only, tried & true...

thin enough to fold over itself & fit in 'yer back pocket

with a fleece- lined interior and a power-stretch wicking outer, 'tis

light enough to subtly stash under your sternum strap

yet when the weather growls in haste, the base is covered.

and when it mysteriously lands atop the woodstove and

burns a hole right through...

so it puts new meaning to

"air conditioning". :)


I have several, including one from Trailspace, made by Ibex. I think my favorite for colder weather is made by Turtlefur. I also had a balaclava made by Seirus, which I really liked, but it seems to have disappeared, so time to look for a new one.

My TS Ibex beanie is my typical go-to beenie in most conditions.  If it is really cold and windy I go to my Mountain Hardwear Windstopper tech beanie.  

SW's Merino Cuffed Beanie held my #1 spot (impressively comfortable and not one bit itchy) until I got a wool Original Buff...which is so crazy multipurpose I can't help but love it more, if only out of practicality.

all I need from a beanie is no itchiness, thin ones make a nice layering piece in cold weather

January 27, 2021
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