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My cheap Walmart TopQuilt

A couple of months ago, Joseph Renow got us all talking about Walmart's cheap down sleeping bag. Here's the review, if you missed it:

For some time, I've thought about modifying one of my sleeping bags into a TopQuilt for my hammock, but I really wasn't keen on ruining a perfectly good $200 bag.

At $70, I thought this was worth a shot. So I bought one.

First, I tested it unmodified (if it wasn't going to keep me warm, what's the point of doing this?). I just tossed it over me as a TQ and slept under it on a 32F night. With the layers I always wear, I was toasting warm.

Then I took it to a friend who knows how to sew. She removed the zipper, draw cords, & baffles. Then she took off the hood and sewed that up for me.

Here it is, weighing in at 17oz.

When all is said and done, I'm glad I didn't try this with my $200 bag, but I am looking forward to trying this out on my week long trip next month.

I've have a similar idea to make a synthetic over-quilt to cover my down bag for winter trips.  I've been scouting thrift stores to find a cheap bag to hack up for the project.

Good idea Goose, Allan,

I picked up a kids synthetic sleeping bag at Goodwill and turned it into a 3/4 under quilt for my hammock. Five dollars and an afternoon working on it. With my top quilt, a base layer and a Polartec hood, I'm sleeping good down to about freezing.  


Nice Goose!...if you get a chance could you put up a picture of the under-side...would like to see the foot-box. Also...what weight did it come in at?

17oz. I'm at a conference in Michigan. So can't add the. Pic for a few days.

I like it! One of my buddies and I have been looking at making an under quilt and top quilt for our hammocks (I just converted him to hammock camping). I'm currently using a closed cell pad under my sleeping bag for cold nights. 

I would like to switch over to the UQ & TQ method because it seems like it would be so much better. 

Be sure to let us know how this TQ works out for you after you get back from your trip next month! 

Good job at re-purposing that sleeping bag.   

G00SE, I just found one of these same bags at an overstock store for $35! It's left handed zipper but I plan to modify it anyway. After seeing you and Joseph talk about them, thought this was a killer deal!

yeah, someone told me they saw them at my Walmart for $40 last week. I was kind of mad that they didn't tell me sooner. They were all gone when I got there.

Sweet!  I've read about folks who have used sleeping bags to make underquilts too ...

Yes, on HammockForums a lot of guys were buying these up to be UQ.

January 19, 2022
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