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ZPacks Solplex set up

Just got this a week ago, too afraid to set it up, it might get DIRTY!  Set it up this last weekend while car camping close to home.  I really like the coverage, just right for older folks, trying to stay dry in that rare Sierra rain.  With the bathtub floor in attached position, not much floor space off the ground, I believe it can be undone, increasing the room.  I can have peace of mind now over the Hexamid tent I used last season.  I special ordered this one with the next weight down for the floor, since I usually bring a ground cloth anyway, saving me an oz.  I forgot to weight it since I had all the poles and stakes to set it up and the line attached.  Under 19 oz. or 18oz. if I recall.  The ZPacks Hexamid tent I had last summer was 12.5oz., so up I go in weight, but more assurance of staying dry.

I can resize two more pics if anyone is interested.  The front guy out has a "leg" on it that attaches to the front doors, pulling them out to give a little space for a vestibule.  You can see the end guy outs don't do a whole lot.  Maybe I can leave the stakes at home and use sticks or rocks.  When setting this up again, the four corners should be spread eagled a little, set up took about 8' X 12', close to the Hexamid footprint but with much better protection.





September 27, 2020
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