Does anyone know this brand Logo?

12:31 p.m. on March 3, 2015 (EST)
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Hi, Picked up this cool sleeping bag this weekend and want to know the specs,but I can't even figure out the maker,and there's no tags ,only this green embroidered logo,and I'm not familiar with the logo and after 2 days of google images I give up and admit defeat.

Who made this?

Thank you

11:14 a.m. on March 4, 2015 (EST)
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Hillary Tents, I believe. I remember seeing this brand of tents by the thousands back in my scouting days (70's-80's)... It was a brand that was in cahoots with Sears, I believe.


3:51 p.m. on March 4, 2015 (EST)
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Yes Hillary is the brand name Sears used for their tents and sleeping bags.

(note made for Sears not by Sears)

Named after Sir Edmond Hillary, a consultant for Sears. 

11:09 p.m. on March 4, 2015 (EST)
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My Uncle was a vice-president in sporting goods for Sears During the 70's.  Sears had several big stars signed up to market stuff.  I remember he went camping with Hillary equipment and Sir Edmund Hillary himself in the Bridger and Teton NF and they did Devils's Tower together as well.  I still have a primitive down coat Hillary gave me when they stopped by our Colorado home.  He would fish with Ted Williams, who had become a big fisherman after baseball and was the celebrity for Sears' fishing line.  I doubt this stuff goes on much these days but these guys wanted to know if they had their name on it that it worked.  

7:33 a.m. on March 5, 2015 (EST)
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Thanks to all of you very much,

April 7, 2020
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