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Mountain Hardwear Ozonic 65 OutDry Backpack

It looks like MH is rolling out its Outdry technology to all volume levels of packs. Has anyone gotten their hands on one? Any intel on durability, shoulder straps, etc.? Let me know, thanks!

I have several pairs of the MH OutDry gloves (different warmth level - see my reviews here on Trailspace of the Epic gloves and the Masherbrum mittens). The Epic gloves have been used in climbing in moderate conditions (heavy rain and snow, temperatures from 50°F range to 10°F). I have worn them while building snow shelters and clearing snow that had piled up on the tent. The Masherbrum mitts have been put to use high in the Cordillera Blanca, Wasatch, and high Sierra in temperatures below 0°F, as well as warmer in wet conditions. When wearing the gloves and mitts in temperatures above their intended range, where I got sweating in other gloves that were totally waterproof, my hands stayed fairly dry. Same when wearing them in very wet conditions. I also have a pair of the midweight OutDry gloves, which seem to work well in terms of warmth and keeping my hands dry. I'm not sure how they manage to get the venting of the sweat, but they do seem to work pretty well. Well enough that I rated both the gloves and mittens.

Here is the description on Mountain Hardwear's own website, rather than the link you provided, which is to a dealer.

Packs, of course, have a very different usage. You don't have a sweating body inside, so no need for the wicking away of the moisture from inside as you need with gloves. It would be interesting to find out what, if any, extra benefit the OutDry materials provide over an identical design of pack made of regular waterproof materials. MH describes the OutDry application to packs as a "waterproof liner laminated to the inner surface of the pack", as opposed to the gloves which have a waterproof/breathable liner.

October 28, 2020
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