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looking for hard shell suggestions

target audience - 77 year old guy, average build, reasonably active, 5 foot 8.

target use - winters in new england.  day hikes, snowblowing the driveway, just plain old getting around in bad weather.

other info - plans to layer over a down sweater.  does not want or need a mega-expensive shell, but quality is a plus.  shell being replaced is a 30 year old TNF gore tex shell.  

i already suggested trying on some arcteryx and Rab shells and considering outdoor research, though i don't often see OR jackets in stores.  

any other ideas appreciated.  

I have a Marmot Bastione which is a hard shell with a zip out liner you can wear separately. Has a hood. I haven't worn it in really bad weather but have worn it once in the rain and it's fine. Really well made, but not particularly light. Online I saw it for $210. Retail is $300. For what you want, l think it would be a good choice. I wear the liner on walks if the temps are a bit cool, but I'm sure it would be warm in far colder weather, especially if you put on a sweater under it.

he found a deeply discounted, last-year model of the arcteryx caden.  a ski-oriented gtx pro hard shell.  he doesn't need some of the ski-related features, but i guess the price was hard to resist. 

I got mine for $50 brand new in a second hand shop that sold movie wardrobe items once the films were done. Nothing like a bargain. I never would have paid retail but couldn't pass it up. Arcteryx is a very good brand so who cares if it's overkill if the price is right. So far I've just worn mine around the neighborhood which isn't exactly the outback.

Hi Andrew,

Have you seen this website?

i'm familiar with gear trade but have never purchased from there. I have effectively used Craigslist, got my mountaineering boots via Craigslist Anchorage and a former winter sleeping bag via Craigslist Wyoming and have sold several things on Craigslist here.  there are classifieds on this site, but i have never generated much interest from here.

my normal strategy to save $$ is to wait until websites are trying to unload last years' model of something, then look for the least desirable colors, or wait until something has been discontinued. It rarely fails.  my greatest find - wild things gear discontinued something they called the snow kite jacket, which was basically the same design as their eVent alpinist jacket, except that the zipper is offset slightly to the right, the pockets are a little different, and the jacket has a small opening just left of the zipper to allow a harness loop to stick out.  almost 70% off, and still something I wear regularly in bad weather. 

'Event' jackets or 'NeoShell' fabrics all the way! I'm amazed at how much technology has moved on and how Goretex now appears to be yesterday's news and struggling to compete on performance?

I've been using eVent for about 10 years off and on.  It is very breathable for a truly waterproof fabric (I am talking about 3 layer here).  However, when it gets dirty, not only does the breathability go out the window, but so does the waterproofing.  It is also not very abrasion resistant.  For that, Gortex will still be better overall and it one of the the reasons that eVent really hasn't taken off.

EVent definitely needs to be washed regularly. I have had good experienc recharging eVent's water repellancy via a warm (but not too warm) dryer, 10-15 minutes.  It eventually needs new dwr, but all these fabrics do at some point.  I haven't had abrasion issues with eVent jackets from wild things or rab, both  jackets have fairly heavy nylon shell material.  The main limitation I have experienced with eVent and polartec neoshell is air permeability in windy winter conditions.  Gtx stops wind better, hands down.  

October 30, 2020
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